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Happy Spooky season witches! Are y'all as excited as we are for Halloween this year? Finally our favourite time of year has creeped up on to us unexpectedly and we cannot wait as this Halloween will be one to remember!! <3

First off what are your plans? Are you the type to sit at home in ya pj's watching horror movies while eating the candy for said trick or treaters? Or are you gonna be the one partying, dancing it up to Monster mash and drinking some spooky cocktails with your ghoul friends? Well if you're wanting to party this guide is totally for you, follow along to these three easy steps and we will tell you how to throw the 'altimate' Halloween party this year!  

The Best Halloween Party ideas - 

Will it be spooky, sexy or just full on fun? You decide! But it can be difficult choosing so here's a few of our faves! 

  • Horror Movie Idols and OG monsters
  • Hollywood Glitz and Glam 
  • Unhappily ever after 
  • Sinister Circus 

Halloween Party Decoration ideas -

Step one - First impressions are Everything! 

Of course to really get into the Halloween spirit you have to decorate your home (we're gonna start outside then move inside later on xx) and get people hyped for this party, send out some scary invites to your monster mates to get them excited as you are and be sure to get all your decorations out of storage or from us!! ;)

Be sure to decorate the outside of your abode with some cobwebs, jack 'o lanterns and other spooky sights!! One of our fave suggestions is always a cute n creepy doormat, there's options for everyone! Love the classic scary movies like Chucky, Nightmare on Elm Street and IT? Then it's settled grab one of our sick doormats that are the perfect first impression to anyone entering your haunted house party!

Chucky matIT mat

However if you aren't a horror fan we have mats for you too, like our Killstar Wicked Witch doormat and Gothic gifts Witches Welcome doormat that are super cute with a hint of creepy!! Either one of these choices are super cute, creepy and sure to spark some excitement for your party guests upon their arrival! 

witches welcome matwicked witch mat


 Step two - Set the scene with some scent!

Invites? Sent! Outside? Looking creepy! Next phase is to tackle the inside of the house and omg this will be fun!! First off, candles and incense to set the scene and intrigue the people! The spell candle packs with little Ouija holders are such a cute little touch to put around the house or the table! Hellfire candles smell absolutely devine as well as having red drips on the top of the black wax candle... Very spooky!! Of course the Cute'n'evil candle by Killstarcandle can't be left out as this little Baphomet fellow is just such a gorgeous conversation starter! All of these candles would be such an amazing touch to level up any Halloween event! 

mixed candle pack!ouija candle holder


black magick cte n evil wax candle

Not a huge fan of candles or wax? No problem let's up the ante and go for some incense!! Incense cones and sticks are super cool and make the environment smell super good as well as giving off a spooky fog look depending on the kind you use, like these incense holders by Gothic Gifts and Killstar!! Misty fog in a Halloween party?? Super cool and creepy, this will definitely up the atmosphere of any Halloween party! The incense cones create a thicker fog compared to incense sticks so if you're looking for a heavy fog consider grabbing some incense cones and the Skull cone holder or the Pentagram cauldron holder. For a smaller misty fog we would highly recommend incense sticks instead and a holder like the Cauldron holder!!

skull cone holdercauldron incense holderpentagram cauldron incense

Step three- Spookify your house/party venue!

Now for some wall décor to spook up the surrounding area! This spirit board tapestry by Killstar is to die for!! The perfect spooky Ouija vibes without the clunky board, pairing this tapestry with Killstar's Astral path hanging banner and a Crescent moon shelf by Gothic gifts will be sure to turn heads and level up the Halloween feeling for your party! Popping little spooky knickknacks like spiders, figurines or even potion bottles onto the moon shelf will interest everyone in what's around them as well as how awesome the party is!

spirit board tapestryAstral hanging bannerCrescent moon shelf
Almost done decorating, but what's missing? Table decorations and Tableware of course!! First of all, some display boards for some spooky charcuterie boards or a dessert platter if you've got a sweet tooth!! The Bat chopping board by Decipher and Sourpuss' Spiderweb round kitchen board would be the cutest way to display some finger food at your party while still keeping up the creepy theme!! Don't forget the lolly jar! What better way to display it than to have a Killstar Cauldron jar full of candy ready for people to dig into, plus it's ADORABLE!! Salt and pepper is always a need at the table so why not spice them up a little with these awesome Jack Skellington salt and pepper shakers?? These will be a fan favourite as everyone loves Jack from Tim Burton's Nightmare before Christmas and he definitely belongs at Halloween party (he is the king of course)! Lastly, cups and spoons, these skull creepy cups by Creature Cups are so cool as the more you drink the more the skull at the bottom of the cup appears, a perfect spooky cup and by adding these Haunted hallows spoons by Lively Ghosts they are upgraded to the ultimate combo!! These beauties come in Silver, Gold and Rose gold so they're perfect for everyone!
bat chopping boardspiderweb round kitchen board
cauldron jarjack heads
creature cupJackolantern spoon
That's it! Before your very eyes your home is haunted and ready for some partying! Pump up Thriller and the Monster Mash! Have a costume competition and just have a whole lot of spooky fun!! Let us know in the comments what your favourite part of Halloween is!! 
Enjoy guys! and have a Happy October!!
- Beserk xx

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