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Creature Cups - hidden creatures in your cup!

Creature Cups was founded in 2010 by an avid coffee-drinking designer while working late nights in a Brooklyn, NY studio. Creature Cups draws inspiration from all parts of life, from the coffee in the morning to the gargoyles on the Notre Dame cathedral. Concepts and designs are now created in their new studio in Austin, Texas.

Creature Cups draws a wide array of audiences, from design kitchen enthusiasts to the cult followers of H.P. Lovecraft. Creature Cups strives to be imaginative, current, thought-provoking, humorous, and fun. But most important of all - staying caffeinated! Creature Cups are hand made so each one is unique and high quality, with care given to each and every detail. Creature Cups are dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and each one holds about 11 fluid ounces. So Creature Cups is in the home decor and kitchen wares business. Basically, their products work like this: take what appears to be a regular, normal everyday mug - nothing out of the ordinary, right? Well, Creature Cups designers make cute and creepy little ceramic figures that chill out inside the mug, so that the more you drink, the more exposed the little creature becomes! It looks really cool!

Watching a scary skull or a spider or even a T-Rex emerge from the depths of your beverage is an exciting addition to your caffeine fix! Beserk stocks a smart and stylish collection of Creature Cups, including the Skull, T-Rex, Spider, Manatee, and Wolf mugs. It's nice to have something that makes you smile as early in the day as your first cup of coffee. Your smile will be even wider with Creature Cups! They have sippy cups for the little kids as well as a "Creepy" range which includes the Lovecraftian Cthulu, black cats, crows and gargoyles.