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Purple AF | HAIR COLOUR [236ml]


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Hey guys! We are super excited to announce that we are now officially stocking Good Dye Young products at Beserk!

First off, Who is Good Dye Young? - 

Good Dye Young is a vegan and cruelty free hair dye and care company, established in 2016 by Hayley Williams, a well known name in the Alternative community and the lead singer of the Grammy Award winning band, Paramore! As well as being co-owned and founded by her longtime hairstylist and makeup artist, Brain O'Connor! Together, Williams and O'Connor created GDY through years of collaboration to create a community about self-expression, colour and happiness about being your true self! 

As said by Hayley Williams herself, 

“Hair is one of the coolest and easiest tools that we have for self-expression. It’s your own personal megaphone and it’s attached to your head! Our purpose is to create an all-inclusive culture that inspires creativity and empowers everyone’s journey through self-discovery with a whole lot more fun so we can all dye happy.”

Why is Good Dye Young awesome? - 

If being co-founded and owned by Hayley Williams wasn't awesome enough! Good Dye Young's core qualities include - Vibrant colour, Healthy hair, Diversity, Inclusivity, Sustainability and Vegan and Cruelty free products! Which is just another reason why Good Dye Young is awesome! Who doesn't want bright coloured hair that also supports the planet as well as your hair's health and diversity and inclusivity! Good Dye Young's co-founder and artistic director, Brian O'Connor having expertise in hair and colour has helped shape all GDY's products so they are focused on quality ingredients and product performance, who doesn't want that?!

Where to buy GDY products and how much? -

Well of course, Beserk is now stocking Good Dye Young online and we have 11 amazing GDY products available to purchase for only $24.95 for a 148ml tube (hair colours)! We have five bright colours and five lighter daze dye colours, (which is GDY's pastel range) and GDY's hair lightening kit to lighten your hair to a perfect white!

Which Good Dye Young dyes do we have available? -

gdy lightening kit

So of course, we have the Hair Lightening Kit available that includes a 120ml 25 volume creme developer and a 38g Dust free powder lightener with coconut oil to condition the hair and Soy protein to protect and strengthen the hair! 



Lighter Daze range - 

In Good Dye Young's Lighter Daze (Pastel) range we have five shades, Pink puff (Pastel pink), Peach fuzz (Apricot orange), Wondermint (Pastel mint green), Sky high (Baby blue) and Stoned pony (Pastel purple)!

 Pink puffpeach fuzzwondermintsky highstoned pony

 Bright range - 

In Good Dye Young's bright range we have five shades, Ex-girl (Bright pink), Rock Lobster (Firetruck red), Steal my sunshine (Sunflower yellow), Kowabunga (Emerald green) and Ppl Eater (Grape purple)!

 exgirlrock lobstersteal my sunshinekowabungappl eater

All Good Dye Young products are all cruelty free and vegan, with a light bergamot citrus scent!! GDY products are safe to use on all hair textures, pre lightened, chemically treated, keratin treated and colour treated hair! 

Enjoy your hair dying experience with GDY and if you don't know where to start follow the hair dye check list below!

A Hair Dye starter kit!! - 

PHOEBE Phoenix

ON 17 Sep 18:18

I’d love to win the KOWABUNGA to try out this new brands Green and its great timing as I just lifted my hair from my past purple I’m currently blonde and waiting on dye inspiration

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