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Men's E-girl shirts are all the craze right now! Why not grab yourself one today! 

You might have first heard about E-girls first on Tik-Tok, they are the ones with the pretty winged eyeliner and soft freckles with a gothy-kawaii aesthetic. They are mainly gaming enthusiasts with a passion for cutesy dances!

There is no specific music genre called E-girl, so you could definitely say E-girl is just a person with a certain fashion. With there being so so so many different Alt sub-cultures in the world right now, sometimes you just need a simple aesthetic you can easily describe to people without the pain of them misunderstanding it!

With your own creative intuition, you can scroll through our clothing collections and decide what best suits your own aesthetic, and if you feel like you don't have one, that's totally understandable! There are literally sooo many different aesthetics in the world, and most people end up creating their own! Thanks to tik tok, they have created some of the biggest trends of the season. But for this trend, you could probably just call this a vibe instead of a style, it's the new age of the electronic girl!

You can now be stylish on your couch (or wherever!) with style! No more 'beauty is pain'' type stuff, for here at Beserk we believe you shouldn't have to sacrifice your comfort for style. You definitely have both! Why not purchase an adorable E-girl style shirt, they go with anything! Whether that's with a skirt, long shorts, whatever it is, you can style it with an adorable new shirt! Enhance your overall aesthetic with some new jewellery or/and accessories! For here at beserk, we don't just supply the most gorgeous selection of clothing and accessories, we also supply the highest quality products!