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Hello Beserkers! Happy Thursday! It's almost the Friday, which means the weekend is so close! To make your Thursday even better we have some awesome new Killstar Homewares that have just dropped today! So let's have a peak to see what they have to offer your crypt this time! 👀


You can never have too much storage in your Crypt! I mean where else would you hide all of the skeletons? Your closet is already full of Gothic goodness, so they can't possibly be moved! Well Killstar have got us covered with these incredible gothic shelves and storage solutions, just have a look for yourself! 🖤

Cathedral | SHELF+Cosmical | SHELF"+Cosmical | PLANTER"

Keep all your trinkets, treasures and crystals close by with these practical and stylish shelves from Killstar. Perfect as a statement piece in any room the Cathedral and Cosmical Shelves are suitable for any Crypt to keep all of your valuables close by while looking as spooky as ever!
Not only did Killstar bless us with shelves, but a planter as well! The Cosmical planter is perfect for your plant friends and to add a little green to your home, isn't it just stunning?! 

+Lord Of Night | URN [MEDIUM]"+Lord Of Night | CANDLESTICK"+Lord Of Night | URN [LARGE]"

But wait there's more! These beautiful Lord of Night Urns (in Medium and Large) are perfect for storing everything from jewellery, cosmetic supplies, bits and bobs and so much more! Pair them with the Lord of Night Candlestick for a traditional dark look in your home! Keeping your Gothic home vibe AND having storage ideas that match your aesthetic is so perfect! 


 Want to take a walk through a dimly lit forest but stay in your crypt? Well Killstar's Wicked Woods collection is just what you need! Transform your rooms into a beautiful monochrome forest using the Wicked Woods Shower Curtain and Wallpaper!

+Wicked Woods | WALLPAPER"+Wicked Woods | SHOWER CURTAIN"

If you want just a hint of the spooky forest then just add accents of the Wicked Woods by sprinkling the Wicked Woods bedspread, pillowcases and cushion cover throughout your bedroom! Why stop there!? Why not add the Wicked Woods dinner plate, XXL mug and bowl to your kitchento continue the theme! 

+Wicked Woods | BEDSPREAD"+Wicked Woods | XXL MUG"+Wicked Woods | PILLOWCASES"

Of course there are so many more new goodies from Killstar available online at BESERK! Be sure to check out the new collection before it's too late! Tell us in the comments below, what your favourite thing is from this Killstar release! 

Stay Spooky!! xx - Love Beserk

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