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Purple AF | HAIR COLOUR [236ml]


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Virgin Pink | HAIR COLOUR [236ml]


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Juniper Green | HAIR DYE


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Wrath | HAIR COLOUR [236ml]


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Hello Beserkers! Happy Tuesday! We all love Anthony Wangs yeah, and who doesn't want more epic shoes? I know we are shoeobsessed, especially if they're Anthony Wangs! Well if you love awesome shoes AND are an AW fan, its your lucky day! 💗 

With 10 all new different styles, regardless of your style there's something for you! Colour or Black and White? Statement or Subtle? Platforms, Boots, Heels or Sneakers? There's everything for everyone! 💗 Let's check them out, shall we? 

Chunky Sneakers with flare! - 🔥

Take any outfit to the next level in these incredible statement Sneakers! Featuring bright colours and or detatchable accessories that will be sure to drop jaws! 💗

Black Apple+Goosberry [Hologram] | PLATFORM SNEAKERS*+Goku [Black] | SNEAKERS

Introducing (from left to right), Black Apple Platform Sneakers, Goosberry Hologram Platform Sneakers and the Goku Sneakers that feature no hidden wedge and go up to a Size 13 in Womens! These amazing shoes have detachable accessories that make them look even better than they already are! 💗

 +Gooseberry-10 [Green] | PLATFORM SNEAKERS+DAMSON-07 [Lilac] | PLATFORM SNEAKERS+Jack Fruit-03 [Black] | PLATFORM SNEAKERS

Looking for something else? Sure thing! These Chunky and Bright Sneakers are probably what you're after! Check out (from left to right) the Bright Green Gooseberry - 10 Platform Sneakers, Damson - 07 Lilac Platform Sneakers and the Black Jack Fruit - 03 Platform Sneakers, if you're not a fan of colour! Now just because these shoes don't have accessories, doesn't mean they can't match up to their accessory featuring counterparts! 💗

Sassy Platform Boots and Heels! - 🌸

Not everyone is a fan of sneakers, so here are the most beautiful bootsand hectic heels, perfect for any fashionista! Featuring all different styles, materials and shapes! These shoes will be sure to go with all of your latest wardrobe staples! 💗

+Nicoya-02 [Black] | PLATFORM BOOTS+ICE-10 [Black] | PLATFORM BOOTS+Atenas-01 [Black] | PLATFORM BOOTS

Introducing the AW Platform Boots (from left to right) Nicoya - 02, Ice - 10 and the Atenas - 01! These chic boots are perfect for all occasions but not limited to festivals, concerts, formalevents and so much more! 💗

Jaco-01 Jaco-01

More of a Heelswearer? Well the Jaco - 01 PlatformHeelsare perfect for you! Coming in Black and Pink Velvet options, these babies can suit any outfit, on anyone! Giving an 80's Bratz vibe, these mary jane Platform heels will be a staple in any Goth/Alternative person's closet! 💗

Be sure to check out the latest Anthony Wang collection online at Beserknow for your next pair of statement shoes

Happy Shopping and Stay Spooky! 

- Beserk xx

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