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Hey there Beserkers! Hope you are all well! The most asked and frequent question we hear as alternative people is "How do I even get into Alternative fashion?" or "How do I change my style into Goth etc.?" Well lucky for you guys we have compiled a list of Alternative/ Goth clothing must-haves that will help you transition to being more Alt or helping you change up your style! First, Let's get back to the basics!  🖤

What even is Alternative/Goth fashion? - 

Gothic fashion is a clothing style marked by dark, mysterious, antiquated, homogenous, and often genderless features. It is worn by members of the Goth subculture. Typically, gothic fashion includes dyed hair, exotic hairstyles, dark lipstick and dark clothing, both masc and fem goths can be seen wearing dark eyelinernail polish and lipstick - most often being (depending on the type of Goth) black, dramatic makeup and sometimes fishnets!

Masculine goths typically use cosmetics more than other masculine people making the Goth fashion culture a very creative and freeing culture to be apart of, as you can be yourself! Styles are often borrowed from the punk fashion (such as spiked wristbandsand chokers.) Victorians and Elizabethans. Goth fashion has evolved and even created hundreds of new and unique subcultures too! Ranging from Deathrock, Haute Goth , Gothic Lolita, Cyber Goth, Trad Gothand so many more!  🖤

How do I change/update my style to be more Goth/Alternative? -

It may seem scary and intimidating to change up your style, especially to something so new, but you can slowly ease your way into Goth and Alt fashion by changing and updating certain parts of your outfits and wardrobe to eventually go all the way and be more comfortable and confident in Gothic attire!

The easiest way to change up your style and to slowly transition to a more Goth look is getting a pair of boots! Depending on the pair it can totally change how an outfit looks and to top it off, a pair of big goth boots definitely makes your confidence go through the roof!! Demoniahas all types of shoes perfect for everyone and anyone, that give off so much attitude that it won't matter what you wear with them! The shoes will ALWAYS be the main focus of an outfit! 🖤

Are shoes not your thing? That's okay! Accessorisingyour outifts can make a hell of a difference too!! Adding a handbag, harness, chains and jewellery, stockings/tights, socks and other accesoriescan really make an outfit super Alternative and visually interesting! Try matching colours with a different matching colour! For example, wearing a black shirt with a little bit of red on it? Well wear some red socks, chains, red bows maybe and put it all together! It's so fun matching different things together to create a masterpiece of an outfit!  🖤

What do I NEED to pick to start dressing Goth/Alternative? - 

First off you don't NEED anything inparticular to dress Goth, however here's a list of the top 3 Gothic and Alternative must-haves that we think every baby Goth and seasoned Punk needs in their wardrobe if you're stuck on what to get!  🖤

1. Lots of fishnet tights!! 

As an Alternative person, you will NEVER have enough pairs of fishnets! There's so many different styles, patterns, shapes and of course you always need a spare in case your faves break or tear! I also love tearing up some fishnets to make a super cute (and easy) top for layering under tops and pairing with skirts and socks, it's always a winning outfit! 🖤 Check out Pamela Mann, Leg Avenue, Music Legs and more for some awesome styles and choices for fishnets, stockingsand tights


2. Your FAVOURITE pair of Demonias

Although we would all love a whole closet of Demonia shoes, it just isnt possible for most of us (if you can then we are SO jealous!!), so we suggest splurging on a few of our favourite pairs and using them for all your outfits! I know they may be expensive but trust me you will wear them all the time if you pick the right pair that you really love, so it's worth it!! 🖤



3. Grab some super cool accessories(and lots of them)! 

When it comes to being Goth/Alternative, you can never have too many accessories! Whether it's harnesses, belts, chains, jewellery, hats, sunglassesor anything else you can never have enough as you can pop them all on one outfit (depending how accessorised you/ your style likes to be!) We are currently loving the Baby Hex leg harness from Killstarand these matte black Pentagram earrings from Bodyvibe! If these ones aren't your style we have so many more accessories perfect for all of your Gothy outifts to come! ❤️


No ideas sparking from these suggestions? -

Well if that's the case, Be sure to have a quick online search of "Goth fashion" or whatever fashion you want to dress as and pick out things you love about certian people's styles and make it your own! We have so many amazing products at Beserk that it is impossible to not find anything you won't love!! From clothing, accessories, jewelleryand so much more, Beserkis alternative and goths' happy place!! ❤️

Thank you for tagging along this Gothic and Alternative Fashion journey with us! Hopefully we have given you a few ideas and suggestions as to where you should start when deciding to join Goth Fashion! Let us know what your favourite Goth and Alternative fashion suggestions or advice is! 

Stay Spooky xx - Beserk ❤️

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