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BodyVibe, headquartered in Connecticut, USA, is proud to be a leading Body Jewellery and Stainless Steel Jewellery company for 14 years now! Their brand is now distributed to 1,000's of retailers throughout the USA but also in Canada, Mexico, India, UK and many other parts of the world! BodyVibe maintain their goal of bringing top quality products at affordable prices to their customers everyday, by only offering the highest quality and a wide variety of materials such as Surgical steel, Sterling Silver and many more! BodyVibe also participates in the major jewellery events and stays connected to the current and upcoming trends! Meaning that there's something for anyone from BodyVibe! 

At Beserk, we love all things alternative! This especially includes piercings, so we wanted to ensure that we stock the highest quality of jewellery possible for all of your piercing needs! Ranging from Earrings, Plug hoops/Gauges, Septum clickers, Labrets and more! Just because these piercings are high quality it also doesn't have to mean that they're boring too! BodyVibe offers an amazing and beautiful range of jewellery pieces featuring all things from bees and moths, pentagrams and bats and everything in between! BodyVibe is the perfect mix of pretty and high quality jewellery for your piercings! Shop the BodyVibe range now!