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Purple AF | HAIR COLOUR [236ml]


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Happy Hump day Beserkers! It's that time in the year where gifting is all around us, whether it be for Birthdays, Father's Day, Early Halloweenor maybe even just a treat for yourself! Regardless of what you may be celebrating we are doing 10% off (excluding new and sale items) until 9AM AEST 01.09.22, to help you have all of your gifts ready for all types of celebrations, just like Father's Day, that's just around the corner! 💙 Use the code HAPPY10 for 10% off all items excluding sale and new! 🎁

Gifting at Beserk! - 🎁

At Beserkwe LOVE presents and gifts! Regardless of what holiday or celebration and who recieves and who gifts! We love seeing the joy of people opening presents on their special day and or the fuzzy feeling you get when you gift a present to that special person in your life! 🖤

However the only struggle of gift shopping is not knowing if your recipient will love it as much as hope they will! No need to worry though because we know exactly what the people like! So sit back and have a browse of our top gift ideas, perfect for even the pickiest and hard to buy for people! 🖤


Indulgence - 🥂

Let your gift recipient know they deserve some down time to chill out and have a glass of their favourite beverage! All of these gifts are perfect for the person who loves to enjoy themselves and live in the moment with some chill time! We are currently loving the Skull glacier rocks, Ice molds and shot glasses, so spooky and perfect for keeping your drinks cool too! The Dinosaur bottle opener, Simpsons cooler bag and Whiskey Bullet gift set are perfect picks too, especially if they're a bit more quirky! 


Practical Parents - 💀

As a parent or caregiver you have to be on your toes and prepared 24/7 in case anything happens! Show your gift recipient that practical presents don't mean they're boring! I mean look at the Bad Mother F-cker (bonus points if they LOVE Pulp Fiction) and Spirit board wallets as well as the Tacosaurusand embroidered skull socks! They look so epic AND they will actually be used daily! What more could you want from a gift?! 

 Fur Parents - 🐶

Either you know of a Fur Parent or you are one! The rise of the Fur Parents (people who have pets in place of children) makes your job as a gifter super easy! Anything to do with their Fur baby will easily be a winner and win over their hearts, like Blackcraft'sBCC Goat Pet Bandana and Pet toy! Extra points if said Fur Parents also happen to be a little Goth too! 

Plant Lovers - 🌱

Plants are a person's best friend! Who doesn't love plants? There's so many types and it's always a nice feeling to look after something! If you know a Plant lover (or are one) then these gifts are perfect for them! Ranging from The Hoe Down Socks to the Botanica mug and even skulland T-rex planters




















 Still stuck on Gift ideas? - 😰

If there isn't anything that catches your eye then why not gift them a Beserk gift voucher? So you can be sure that your gift recipient will love their presents because they picked them!! Ranging from $25 to $250 amounts, the Beserk gift voucher is perfect for anyone hard to buy for or just for gifting in general! Go Beserk, with a gift voucher and share the joy of gift giving!! ❤️

Stay Spooky! ❤️ - Beserk xx

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