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There are so many subcultures in the alt clothingscene today. E girls are largely gaming enthusiasts that have a gunge influenced aesthetic. E-girl shirts put you ahead of the fashion pack. Time to push the envelope with your latest content in our all alternative clothing. Use your creative intuition to express your individuality, put your own stamp on your virtual elements. Apps like tiktok have shown a light on the one of the biggest trends of the season. This is really more of a vibe than a style, it's the new age of the electronic girl!. 

It doesn't matter whether you are chilling inside or on a photo shoot, you should be comfortable. Oversized shirts are insanely cute, you can wear a long sleeve shirt underneath, stripe jumpers look great and so do bright colours. Team your shirt back with a plaid skirt and some chunky sneakers. Add an adorable accessory to your outfit. Why not try two hair clips, place on either side of your temple right at the outer corner of your eyes, and this will elongate your features. Choose a shade of clip that compliments your hair colour. This small accessory will really help enhance your e girl aesthetic. 

What is an E-Girl? - 

An E-Girl is a style trend that originated on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. The look is characterised by a mix of emo, grunge, and anime influences, and often features bold cutesy makeup, colourful hair, and oversized clothing!

What types of clothing are popular in E-Girl outfits? -

E-Girl outfits often include Oversized T-Shirts, Platform Shoes, Fishnet Stockings, Chokers, Chains and Accessories! These items are typically worn in bold colours and patterns, and may feature slogans or graphics.

How do I create an E-Girl look from Beserk? - 

To create an E-Girl look, start with oversized clothing items like T-Shirts or Hoodies, and pair them with bold Accessories like Chokers, Platform Shoes, and Fishnet Stockings! Experiment with bold makeup looks, like graphic eyeliner, fake freckles, lots of blush and bright lipstick, maybe even consider adding colourful streaks or extensions to your hair too! All of your E-Girl Fashion needs can be found right here at Beserk!! 

What is the difference between E-Girl fashion and other styles? - 

E-girl fashion is characterised by its bold, often eccentric style choices, and is inspired by a wide range of influences from Emo and Goth subcultures to Anime and Cosplay. It is often associated with younger generations and has gained popularity on all social media platforms, especially Tiktok!

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