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Beserk offers a large range of plaid skirts.  Plaid skirts have gone through many changes through out the years like alterations in length. When it comes to styling, different types of  plaid skirts play different roles. While some may emphasize your waistline, others may also alter the hemline, depending on whether it is a voluminous or figure-hugging skirt. Just like and other closet essential, your choice for a perfect skirt depends on your tastes and preferences. Today skirts are not just for ladies but for everyone who may like to wear them. 

Do plaid skirts make you think of a school girl or a uniform, one of our favorite images that comes to mind when thinking of a plaid skirt is the Craft witches. I'm obsessed with plaid skirts, I love them with some block pleats or even in a pencil style. 

When wearing your plaid skirt you can team it back with your favorite Demonias and a Killstar jacket or shirt or just about anything we have at Beserk goes with a plaid skirt. Plaid skirts are super versatile and can be dressed up and down. If a plaid skirt is not your favourite why not have a look at our collection of goth skirts