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Did you know the skirt was discovered in Armenia? The skirt was worn by both men and women, we can see skirts being worn as far back as prehistoric times. 

Our favourite skirt would have to be the gothic mini skirt! Skirts are one of the most versatile pieces you will ever own, whether you chose to wear your skirt in a casual setting or dressed up skirts are always comfortable. Beserk carries a wide variety of skirts from Mini skirts through to Derby skirts, and everything in between. 

One of our favourite and most popular types of skirt are checkered skirts , tartan mini skirts or you may prefer to try a plaid skirt. You will definitely find something to love forever.  

Factors to think about when you are looking for a great skirt, fit, length, material and colour. You should think about if you would prefer a hip tight skirt or a flowing skirt or perhaps a pencil skirt. The length can also be an important factor, take time to think about if you would prefer a long skirt or a knee length or mini skirt. There are so may fabrics to chose from these days it can be hard to make a decision, keep in mind how you would like the skirt to sit and the shape you want and that will help you to determine what type of fabric you should go for. Colour is all up to you and your imagination. Have fun and find your new favourite!