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Original Deluxe [SMALL] | CUSTOM FANGS


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Juniper Green | HAIR DYE


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Aquamarine | HAIR COLOUR [236ml]


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Shop your favourite anime shirts and the best alternative fashion at the largest alternative store in Australia! At Beserk there are so many different types of tops to choose from, a favourite among many Ladies is an anime shirt by your favourite artist with your fave character on it. Look cute all year round in our midi tops, long tops, sleeveless tops, and if Anime shirts are not your thing be sure to check out the rest of our collection maybe a mesh t-shirt could suit you more. 

Anime characters are a huge trend today. Anime takes you back to the days when the popularity of the kid was decided by the shoes they wore, and if your shoes lit up and were anime, the you were super cool! 

Show your anime pride with the latest Anime shirt from Invasion Club

Some people show their love and passion for anime shows on their clothing, or maybe you simply like the designs and styles.  If you want to go with the current clothing trend, get some ladies’ tops and t-shirts featuring the anime prints. Not only on t-shirts and tops but anime prints can be found on backpacks and other accessories, like these Hello Kitty collections.   

Have you ever worn a t-shirt with an anime character’s print on the front only to get asked “who is on your shirt” or “which anime show do you like the most”. If you ever come across an anime fan while wearing a t-shirt printed with your favourite character, be ready for some questions. Anime lovers never miss a chance to bond with someone who’s equally excited about their favourite.

Nobody wants to buy a t-shirt that is stuffed somewhere in the back of their clothing wardrobes. Or, a t-shirt you wear a couple of times and donate it to the charity because it no longer looks as good as it did when you first bought it. That's never going to happen with Anime shirts, they stay in fashion forever and become cult classics!

 Japanese characters have gained more and more popularity in the past few years, and it is not hard to see why. With more and more fans of anime, the demand for anime prints in clothing and accessories are on the rise. 

You're going to want to buy a t-shirt that tells a unique story about your favorite anime character -  whether it is Kazuto Kirigaya or Naruto Uzumaki. Wearing tops with a customized anime print clearly shows your love for these characters and how they are a fan of these Ninja warriors. Plenty of options are available when it comes to fabrics, size, colors, and designs. You can choose a shirt with your favorite character’s print or go for something casual. Check out our anime shirts and tops in the ladies’ clothing section and find yourself the best one.


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