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Welcome to Invasion Club! Otattoo fashion at its finest.

Here at Beserk, we strive to provide you with as many options, styles, designs, genres and aesthetics as possible! We continue to follow trends in alternative fashion - that is why we are officially Invasion Club's first International distributor! Invasion Club offers apparel, tops and t-shirts, accessories, stickers and pins, and are always releasing new stuff!

Invasion Club was founded in 2004 when tattoo artist Hori Benny from Osaka, Japan, decided to boldly bring two different subcultures together, Otaku and Tattooing. With their amazing mix of styles and genres from Street Culture, Club and Anime music, Cosplay, Food and Games, they've created a brand new phenomenon known now as Otako.

Invasion Club has brought us some awesome styles, unique designs and amazing quality products in this otaku style. But first, what is an otaku? Sometimes it is a term used to describe a hardcore Anime fan. It originally comes from the Japanese word meaning "house", so by association, if you are an otaku it means you have no social life or love life, you stay indoors watching anime, hentai, reading manga comics, collecting pop culture figurines, and being a nerd or otherwise socially inept individual with a true fascination with Japanese pop culture. There is a certain pejorative insinuation to being an otaku, however, there is nothing inherently disapproving of otaku culture, and in recent years it has come to be a label of pride that defines a particular personality and behaviours of media consumption.

When you hear "tattoo culture" what comes to mind? Biker gangs, prison criminals, heavy metal, and Soundcloud rappers? Well, we can assure you that tattoo culture is well and truly a lifestyle of self-confidence, aesthetics and affluence. Sporting ink has, in recent years, gone from subculture to pop culture! Over the years, as trends have moved from tribal designs on the lower back (let's call a spade a spade: it's a tramp stamp) to geometric designs on the sternum and mandala patterns on the neck and throat, tattoo studios and parlours have moved from the back alleys and outskirts of town to being right in your face. Celebrities and sporting stars (and of course, rock stars) invariably have at least one tattoo. It is definitely no longer taboo to have a visible tattoo, or to even have your entire sleeve inked up! It is hard to find a modern pop star without a tattoo. Justin Bieber got his first one aged 16! In addition, laser tattoo removal technology is improving at a remarkable rate and demand has increased (all those people who regret their tattoos, do not worry, no matter what your tattoo artist told you, you can get them removed. But the process is long and very painful. Sorry about that). So remember to think before you ink! Tattoos have always gone in and out of fashion throughout history. The best example is that back in the early 1900s there was a craze in high society for tattoos. Famously, Winston Churchill’s mother had a snake tattooed around her wrist. Literally, within about five years it had gone completely out of fashion again. Will the current level of popularity last?

So get in while they're hot, Invasion Club has expertly fused these two different subcultures together and the result is some awesome alternative fashion that is saturated in aesthetic.