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Andromeda, Magic Rainbows, Magma and Aphrodite, Shinigami are all names that conjure up thought of a regal goddess.  And if you are looking for to be a goddess with amazing nails then you need to know theses name. 

Venus an ancient Italian goddess who was later identified by the Romans as Aphrodite the Greek Goddess of love. If Aphrodite was a modern women we can be sure she would be wearing some Diamond Rain or Binx from Neko Nail Cult

How to recreate a look that will have you looking like the goddess of your dreams. 

Luckily when you are painting your nails at home there's a fool proof way of not messing up. 

!. Take a baby Q tip and rub it around your surrounding skin and cuticles before you apply your polish, this will ensure a perfect paint every time. 

2. Don't pile it on too thick, Apply thin layers of nail polish and spread out your coasts. 

3. Wait between your coats, First apply your base coat and then a very thin first coat of the polish. Make sure the coat is completely dry before you do the second. Take long breaks in between the second and top coat. 

4. Toss your old polish, make sure your polish is still fresh. The consistency should be think and easy to spread on the nail. 

5. And remember practice makes perfect, it may take a little while to develop a steady hand, have a steady surface and do it extra slowly. 

Get you Goddess glow on and Shine!

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