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Sharpen your claws, and prepare for the ultimate kawaii nail experience with Neko Nails! This Australian owned and made, a vibrant, vegan and cruelty-free brand is here to change up your look, whether you prefer glittery pastels or dark and devilish vibes. The large and ever-expanding range offers metallics, glitters, shimmers and gloss polishes, inspired by an array of aesthetics! 

These incredible nail polishes are stored in an adorable heart-shaped bottle and feature a purrfectly cute skeleton cat on the front! The shade names feature references to pop culture, anime & manga, witchy movies and everything in between. Read through the descriptions to find all the secret easter eggs and see just how many you can guess! Decorate your room with these ultra cute bottles when you’re not using them and add a touch of kawaii-ness to your life. 

Neko Nails Varnishes are perfect, whether you like a square, oval, almond, coffin or claw-shaped nails! For a demonic look, coat them in shinigami or Yandere! Shinigami is a true darkest black, perfect for claw or coffin nails! Yandere is the ultimate blood red and looks amazing on its own or paired with Glitterbomb. Add some sparkle to your life with kawaii colours like Harajuku, Stardust, Senpai and Princess Blast. The glitter colours can be worn on their own or worn over the top of dark shades like Binx, Nori or Poppy to see their full shiny effect. 

If you prefer a more shiny magical look, the shimmers and metallics will be just what you need! Shades like Siren and Little Witch are perfect for Halloween or adding some mythical creature vibes to your look whereas Soda Pop or Labyrinth will instantly add witchiness to your style.

If nail art and design is something your kawaii heart desires, Dumpling will be sure to win over your life! It’s a true white shade that is perfect for creating Beetlejuice lines, little shiny stars on a galaxy background or even on its own for a bold solid aesthetic.

To protect your sharp nails after painting them, always cover them in a top coat like Neko Nails Top Shine! This clear coat base is also 100% vegan and cruelty-free plus environmentally friendly too. 

You’ll be battle-ready with this long-lasting formula! It’s ultra-long wear, chip-resistant, quick-drying and streak-free. Prep your nails and prepare for better nail conditioning. 

Not only will you look cute fighting evil by moonlight, but you’ll also be helping the environment because Neko Nails is made up of 83% Plant Sourced Sustainable Materials!! This Earth Friendly base uses renewable resources for key ingredients and is 100% vegan friendly and will always remain cruelty-free. All Neko Nail polishes are 10-Free (Free of Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate, Camphor, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Xylene, Parabens, Fragrances, Phthalates, Animal-derived ingredients) and 77% of the formula is of natural origin from vegetal biomass including wheat, sugarcane, manioc, potato and corn! 

Neko Nail Cult is proudly Australian owned and these beautiful shades are made right here in Australia! Add some sparkle to your life and join the kawaii cult now, available exclusively online at Beserk Australia!