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Tokyo Shojo's founder and creator, Iris (aka Ai), is an independent artist who originally started making pins and cute accessories while living in Tokyo, Japan. While living abroad she became immersed in Japanese culture and even fluent in the language, jumping at every chance to experience something new! Iris always loved cute things, and living in Tokyo, had her constantly bombarded with adorable inspiration, which eventually led to her creating her own brand, Tokyo Shojo!

Tokyo Shojo's team consists of Iris and her husband, Yu, who works behind the scenes and makes sure that everything we produce is accurate and authentic. It's important to them that each design they bring to life is not only cute but also thoughtfully put together. Tokyo Shojo's final team member is Iris and Yu's beloved bobtail cat, Maple, an endless source of inspiration!

All of Tokyo Shojo's items are lovingly designed by hand, and by purchasing them you are supporting their small business and dream!