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Rose Demon is the art brand of Ashley Boehme and the artist behind Miss Cherry Martini for the past 14 years! 

Always the Black Sheep and an artist since the beginning, Ashley has spent her days delighting in creating dark and unusual designs for the world. She has had over 13 Lucky years working on many great projects such as alternative clothing labels around the globe, magazines, toy designing, creating unique tattoo designs and having fun with logos and portraits. Her art has inspired hundreds to create similar designs, as they are so beautiful. 

Art around your house speaks volumes about you. Whether it's about your values in life or personality, art can be the translator. Art around your living space lets you forge deeper connections with visitors to your home. 


Ashley's art and designs are to die for and are now available at Beserk! These prints by her will transform your home into the spooky abode you've always wanted. They add a bit of dazzle to any part of your home, whether that's in your bedroom or living room it doesn't matter. Rose demons art are unique and one of a kind, so why not shop the Rose Demon collection today!