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Rolife is devoted to exploring the infinite possibilities of life and creating a cultural and creative brand that covers DIY, exquisite gifts and fun garage kits. They advocate the concept of slow life to help people find a better way to free themselves from the hustle and bustle of everyday life!

In the early days of Rolife, they had a group of science designers, they’re smart, passionate, and excellent, but to let them design exquisite literary DIY products, which might appeal more to women and teenagers, was indeed a challenge. In order to create a new toy era idea, Rolife's designers started to read books & magazines to find inspirations for their drawings. this continued for months. Until one day, a designer named Sam saw his cat running to the bookshelf and knocking a book to the ground while he was using the toilet.

This spontaneous scene inspired him, quickly, his first work came out, the famous dollhouse product -Sam’s Study! Sam shared his creativity and inspiration with everyone and gained much recognition. Since then, it has created a unique cultural and creative design road. With the expansion of the Rolife brand, the market is in short supply, more and more products are gradually launched into the market: such as music boxes and modern 3D wooden puzzles. In 2019, Rolife launched their Nanci blind boxes, from an investigation based on the toy market, and gained great popularity especially in East Asian countries such as China, Japan and South Korea!

What makes Rolife so popular?

  • First, the uniqueness of the design. Each product has been repeatedly revised and continuously improved before being launched.
  • The second is their high-quality requirements. All Rolife products have a strict quality inspection process: engineers, designers, product managers, and top managers, which means that all products need to be tested by these people.
  • Last but not the least, the customer experience of Rolife products is extremely high. They introduce Rolife to their families and friends!

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