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New rock boots are a Spanish shoe and clothing company that make goth style boots, shoes and clothes. The company was founded by the Ortuño family in 1978 in Yecla. The family has been making shoes and boots for three generations, spanning back to 1928.

New Rock products include Gothic-style boots and shoes, motorcycle-style boots, Western/cowboy boots, high-heeled boots, formal shoes and boots, and New Rock trainers. New Rock offers an amazing quality like no other, made with top quality materials & craftsmanship. New Rock Boots are perfect for all occasions, whilst providing the comfort you have searched so long for. They are constantly designing new styles that make everyone fall in love with, due to their uniqueness and overall beauty. Getting yourself a new pair of New Rock boots mean you want quality and style in the same pair of boots.

Beserk offers the best gothic boots, heels and sneaker designs so you can have long-lasting incredible style! You Choose between Vegan and genuine leather shoes. with detailed metal hardware and accessories, they have everything you could ever want in a single pair of shoes! New Rock Boots cater to all different sizes of feet as well. This all sounds like a dream doesn't it? Well, New Rock Boots are very real, why not purchase a pair today! Whether your style is punk, cyberpunk, goth, E-girl, OR WHATEVER! These boots are for you.