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Rebels Refinery brings an all-natural skincare range with a mission to raise money for cancer research. Cruelty-free alternative and funky skincare - Rebels Refinery's goal is to help make people look good, feel good and raise money and awareness for the most notable Cancer Foundations.

With our customers, best interest at heart Beserk aim to provide premium products at great prices. No snake oil here! Wanting to get away from the chemical-laden alternatives, they created a line of natural, cruelty-free skincare to take the very best care of the body. Using nothing but the highest quality ingredients, most Rebels Refinery products are 99-100% all-natural.

Rebels Refinery is an exclusive brand that actually cares about people and products over making a profit. Whether you’re a rebel at heart, a refined gentleman/lady/gender non-conformist  – we hope you join in supporting Rebels Refinery! They want their customers to know that they are always looking out for their best interests and providing them with premium products at great prices.

Rebel's Refinery will never try and sell you an $80 anti-ageing cream that does nothing more than a basic moisturiser. That’s not what they are about. They created a line of natural skincare to get away from the chemical-intensive alternatives that are likely doing more damage than good to both your skin (the human body’s largest organ) and the rest of your body. We love that sentiment here at Beserk and want to share it with you! Go with the highest quality natural ingredients and outperform the synthetic crap pervasive in the industry.

They're not a major brand with a fancy French name and a billion-dollar advertising budget. They are an exclusive brand owned by friends that actually care about animals, people and products over making a dollar. It's all about morals and ethical commerce. Whether you’re rebellious or not, these killer cute homewares can be used anywhere in your home including the bathroom or the bedroom. We hope you join in supporting Rebels Refinery with us here at Beserk!