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Pechkeks have a small range of accessories such as cookies, balloons and more that display funny little messages on them! Their cookies are like a left hook: because you can be sure that they won’t predict eternal love or unimaginable wealth. The messages are crude, truthful and direct – the glimpse into the future brutally honest and pessimistic. So you’re left with no choice but to take them with a sense of humour. And that means one thing is guaranteed: lots of fun!

You can’t explain how much they hurt. But they’re also perfect for people who like to laugh, Who don't take life too seriously or don’t mind a dose of reality now and then. They are for friends who you really like. Or acquaintances who you can’t stand. And for any party that needs some added fun or any meal that could do with a bit more spice.

Grab Beserks Pechkeks range of black, dark humoured misfortune cookies. Get started with the fun today and don't miss out on making someone's day... worse! Just remember not to give these to the light-hearted. You have been warned, you will offend.