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Shop our exciting range of Men's skull T-shirtstoday! Skulls are a staple motif in alternative fashion and here at Beserk, we love them! There's a skeleton in you, so why not put one on you? It's the perfect T-shirt for everyday wear! 

The skull is not just 1 big bone, it consists of 22 bones which can be subdivided into 8 cranial bones and 14 facial bones. The main function of the bones of the skull along with the surrounded meninges is to provide protection and structure, for as you guessed it, the brain.

For the Love of Skulls! Thinking of skull symbolism, Skulls have been worn and decorated from the dawn of time! It's not a wonder people find these things so interesting, they are an easily recognizable and visceral symbol of our mortality! (Death). The fascinating subject of death is a very much subjective discussion. Not only that, but it's also universal. We all die, we all think about it. From shrunken voodoo heads found in tribes of the Amazon to the sugar skulls of the day of the dead, skulls have long exerted a mystical pull on the human imagination. 

Beserk carries a deadly range of everything with a skull on it! Skull dresses, skull jewellery (earrings, rings, pendants, necklaces), skull masks for costumes, skull backpacks, skull homewares, skull decorations, skull kitchenware, skull clocks, skull air fresheners, skull tops, skull barware, skull skirts, skull-themed bathroom decor, skull socks, skull patches and pins, skull wallets and skull handbags, skull pop culture collectables, skull babies clothing, and just so many more skulls!


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