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Skull Necklaces are the perfect addition to any of your outfits! 

For the Love of Skulls! Skulls are associated with so many things, and that's why so many people wear them! Some wear them for the aesthetic, some wear it for the symbolism of death and life. Well, most people wear it for the symbolism of mortality. Simply because its a universal symbol, so may find it so fascinating. Everyone thinks about death, everyone dies. Skulls are just outright cool! 

As you probably know, the skull is a real thing. Its the bone in our head, our brains armour. It also supports the structures of the face while providing a protective cavity for the brain to do its thing. Not only that, its fixes the distance between the eyes to allow us to determine distances, fixing the position of the ears to enable us to sense sound waves, and of course for headbutting things (not recommended).

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