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Beserk absolutely LOVES Harebrained! Quirky Crazy Alternative Apparel. Makers of Period Panties! Founded by illustrator and designer Anthony Hall in 2008, Harebrained has grown into a Chicago and Portland team dedicated to making anything and everything awesome and well, just, better.

Harebrained is best known for their line of menstrual themed Period Panties, and have recently developed men's and women's "Pundies". In 2017, Harebrained also expanded into the tabletop game market with an NSFW trivia game called Shit For Brains.

The Beserk range of Period Panties includes classics such as "Frankenstain", "C*nt Dracula", "Shark Week", "Redpool", "Auto-clots", "Bleeding Rainbow", "Big Trouble in Little 'Gina", "Don't Open, Red Inside", "Malice in Underland" "No Baby Shower", and "Just a Flesh Wound", only to name a few.

But Harebrained offers so much more, and shouldn't be only synonymous with menstruation or Period Panties. They also design and create men's briefs, boyshorts, tampon cases, regular undies with punny themes such as "Zero Fox to Give" and "Owl See You in Hell" undies. The themes are pop culture in nature and include Star Wars, Ren & Stimpy, Archer, Ghostbusters, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Transformers, Ash versus the Evil Dead, Ron Burgundy from Anchorman, and more.

Harebrained offers baby clothing and apparel too, and a very decent variety of patches and pins, also based in pop culture and steeped in reference and nomenclature. For the fresh-baked kittens (baby humans) they even supply onesies for your bubs so they can look as cool as mum and dad.

People often use the term as a way to describe something ill-judged or not quite thought-out ("What are harebrained scheme!"), but we prefer it to mean something much more positive - an embracing of all things silly, absurd, preposterous, imprudent, impractical, uncouth, ridiculous, reckless, wild, rash, exciting and adventurous!

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