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Cyanide & Happiness (C&H) is a webcomic created by Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick and Matt Melvin. The comic has been running since 2005 and is published on the website explosm.net along with animated shorts in the same style. Matt Melvin left C&H in 2014, and several other people have contributed to the comic and to the animated shorts.

The comic and animations use stick figure art to present graphic, dark, and often surreal humor which has been described as "seem[ing] to have no taste boundaries whatsoever", covering topics such as abortion, suicide, violence, and necrophilia. The comic was called one of the ten best webcomics by a columnist for The Telegraph in 2009, and by 2012 the website was receiving over a million views each day. C&H has won a Streamy Award and has been nominated for an Eisner Award.

C&H has had multiple spinoffs: there have been four seasons of an animated television show called The Cyanide & Happiness Show; two table top games including Joking Hazard! Inspired by the Cyanide & Happiness Random Comic Generator, Joking Hazard is a game in which you compete with your friends and enemies to finish an awful three-panel comic, from a deck of cards with millions of possible combinations! 

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