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E-girl Boots are beautiful, with cute and pinksy colours that will leave you feeling like you are straight out of an anime show!

Originally catapulted by Tik Tok, The E-girl style is hard to define as it's only a brand new subculture if you would even call it one. E-girls are typically influencers who are stylish, but in regards to style, they are more on the alternative side but still simple. They are largely influenced by Asian culture, E-girl fashion also heavily draws on anime and K-pop references. 

A typical e-girl outfit consists of chunky boots, baggy high-waisted jeans with a studded belt and layered tops. E-girl shirts are typically graphic tees worn over of some type of long-sleeved shirt. A mainstay for most e-girl outfits is some type of chain with heavy use of makeup and accessories like thick winged eyeliner, black hearts on the cheekbones, a smattering of artificial freckles and bright red blush across the nose and cheeks. 

There are no strict rules dictating what makes fashion specifically e-girl, but according to Vox, the aesthetic of e-girl fashion is based on popular 90s fashion trends along with “skate culture, hip-hop, anime, cosplay, BDSM, and goth” styles. The purpose of e-girl clothing is to allow for self-expression with an aesthetic that incorporates bright, cutesy accents like pastel coloured hair and pairs it with darker details like chokers and fishnets. 

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