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Beserk Bedroom has got you covered, day and night, with wonderful cute, creepy and kawaii goodies from brands like Sin in Linen, Hells Blankets, Sourpuss and more! Deck out your lair in style today with our huge range of bedroom products for all of our friends. Whether you're Goth, Rockabilly, Kawaii, Alternative, Classic or 'Normal', we've got your back! With something for every occasion there's no where else you need to go!

Imagine this, you've just gotten home from a long day out, you slip into your adorable plush slippers, you take off all your jewellery and pop your rings onto your brand new ring holders, pump some music on your wireless speakers, add some ambience with your adorable bed side lamps or some cute candles, and jump into your comfortable new bed sheets with comforters and pillows. You snuggle up to your adorable plush cushions and drift off to sleep staring at your glow in the dark roof decorations... Sounds like heaven after a tough day? We have everything you need here!

With gorgeous Gothic inspired throw blankets from Sourpuss, adorable cushions and beautiful black comforters from Killstar, creepy candle holders from Alchemy Gothic and cute ornaments from Fred Homewares. That's not all though, we have mirrors, shelving, trinket trays, bowls, tapestries, wall papers, sleeping masks and even cat food dish's!

Don't miss the opportunity to add one of these awesome bedroom necessities to your life now with Beserks collection of bedroom items from linen to ornaments. Deck out your cave today with our favourite items from some of our favourite brands. With Beserk by your side, getting a good nights sleep will be achievable. Chase away the night demons with an adorable lamp, keep your feets warm with some comfortable slippers and drown out the world with your new speakers all from Beserk!