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Barber Shop brings us some awesome products for blokes (and girls too, yes) get stylish with some awesome products! No longer do you need to use a towel when shaving, the Barber Shop gives you awesome cutting capes to choose from! We believe in giving you the best styles and highest quality products to choose from. 

With our brands growing comes Barber Shop, a cute novelty brand that gives you stylish ways to do your hair. Get your hands on the Barber Shop Cutting Cape or even the Striped Cutting Cape! We also stock the Spray Bottles in both gold and silver which carries 500ml of water and shoots out a soft mist of water that is absolutely PERFECT for evenly distributing water over the hair for styling! You don't need to be a hairdresser to look like a professional anymore with the Barber Shops products.

Get your hands on these today and don't miss out on being unique, again!