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Hello Beserkers! If you weren't already in the loop, then we have some very bright  news for you! We are now officially stocking My Violet at Beserk!! Now if you don't know what My Violet is and has to offer, don't fret! We got you, just follow along and see why we are so stocked to have My Violet as a Beserk Aussie exclusive!! 💜

Who is My Violet? - 

My Violet is an online boutique dedicated to the dreamy world of pastel and size inclusivity in the fashion world! They want to soften your closet colour palette and let you step into a dreamland of pastels and colour! My Violet is proudly 100% Female Owned and operated in Los Angeles, California by a team of fashion obsessed cuties and we are so excited to be their one and only Aussie reseller! My Violet Originals are designed in Los Angeles, California and ethically produced in their privately owned factories meaning all shipments from My Violet come straight to us in Queensland and then to you! 

Why are My Violet awesome? - 

My Violet as stated before is proudly 100% Female Owned, operated, created and ethically produced in Los Angeles, California! This means by supporting this amazing brand you are also saying no to fast fashion and yes to supporting small businesses achieving their dreams! My Violet is also not a drop shipping company meaning that all orders we get from them have been packed personally by them in LA and sent off to us just for y'all! My Violet isn't just amazing ethically though, (even though that is amazing) they're amazing with representation in their models and sizing in their clothing line!! How awesome is that?!! 💜

Where to buy My Violet and how much? - 

Well as we mentioned before My Violet are available through Beserk exclusively, in Australia! We are so ecstatic to be My Violet's official exclusive Aussie seller so everyone can experience the pastel coloured world of amazingness that is My Violet and their clothing! 💜 As for the price point, these designed with love and non fast fashion and anti sweatshop made products range from just $22.95 to $159.95! The price point may be high for some but the quality and craftsmanship of these clothing pieces are exceptional and will not disappoint! 💜 

Here are some of our top favourites from My Violet currently! - 

The Bubble Taro dress, a My Violet original made from high quality Organza featuring an adjustable tie front! 💜 

Bubble taro dress

The My Violet dress, a custom dyed poofy rainbow Organza moment with adjustable straps and full back shirring! Perfect for any body and party! 💜

My violet dress

 The Sheer white frills top, a My Violet original made from soft stretch mesh featuring a dainty satin bow and ruffle sleeves! Perfect for an added kawaii flair! 💜

sheer white frills top

The Debbie Pink plaid Suspender skirt, a My Violet original made in a super flattering fit and flare cut and from a stretchy mid-weight double knit jacquard! So perfect for a 90s mallrat look! 💜


 We have so many accessories by My Violet too as well as more amazing pieces coming to us in future! So check out the range of pastel and coloured goodness for anyone with a body!! 💜

Love, Beserk xx




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