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Purple AF | HAIR COLOUR [236ml]


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Virgin Pink | HAIR COLOUR [236ml]


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Juniper Green | HAIR DYE


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Welcome - Black Moon Cosmetics!

Hello Beserkers! If you weren't already aware, then we have some very exciting news for you! We are stocking Black Moon Cosmetics at Beserk!! Now if you don't know what Black Moon Cosmetics is and has to offer, don't fret! We got you, just follow along and see why we are so stocked to have Black Moon at Beserk!! 

Who is Black Moon Cosmetics? - 

Black Moon Cosmetics has been striving since early 2015 to bring quality Cruelty-Free & Vegan beauty products from the dark side to grace the beautiful faces of the world!  They began the journey with their innovative Liquid Lipstick formula and have made their way to Eyes, Body, & Face using only the finest quality ingredients, while also maintaining a pro-vegan and cruelty free range!


Black Moon Lipstick

Why are Black Moon Cosmetics awesome? - 

Inspired by the mysterious magical moon and all its emanating beauty, Black Moon combines the dark with the colorful & shiny to create an ethereal makeup world you'd have to see in person to believe. Their products deliver an out of this world experience in both presentation, quality and performance. Regardless of skin tone or colour preference, there's a Black Moon shade for you! From bright shiny greens and matte blues to every nude tone you could think of! Not only is everything stunning and packaged with care but the products are all Gluten, Cruelty and Paraben Free, as well as Vegan! Who doesn't want amazing makeup while also taking care of creatures great and small? 


Black Lipstick Black Moon


Black Moon Eyeshadow


Where to buy BMC and how much? - 

Well as we mentioned before Black Moon Cosmetics are available through Beserk exclusively, Aussie wide! We are so ecstatic to be Black Moon Cosmetics official exclusive Aussie seller so everyone can experience the beauty of Black Moon Cosmetics! We have 30 shades of lipsticks, both the sinister satin and liquid types! As well as BMC's awesome liquid eyeshadow shades and palettes! All lipsticks and eye dusts are only $28.95, which is amazing for the quality and amount in each product! The eyeshadow palettes range from $54.95 - $79.95 as they're are multiple shades and they may be glitter or buttery matte! 

Regardless of what you pick from the Black Moon Cosmetics range, you can't really go wrong, so here's a few of our faves if you're feeling stuck! 


Black Moon


Beserk xx

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