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Hell Bunny Sale Online Now!!

Hello Beserkers!! Happy Friday, and oh boy do we have some great news for you!! We have so much on sale and not just any sale it's Hell Bunny!! Who doesn't love Hell Bunny? If you're not too sure what Hell Bunny is let us tell you!¬†ūüėäūüíó

Hell Bunny Beserk

What is Hell Bunny? - 

Hell Bunny¬†is a super cute, adorable & fun brand! Born in 2003 in the UK out of a need for edgy alternative streetwear, they create gorgeous¬†dresses,¬†tops¬†&¬†skirts¬†with a variety of styles from retro,¬†rockabilly, psychobilly,¬†Lolita, punk, dark and cute designs all with unique prints. Great for any occasion and¬†for anyone as their entire range suits all bodies from Extra Small to 6 Extra Large! ūüėä

For lovers of vintage, alternative and retro styles, Hell Bunny has become one of the best brands in which to invest. They create flattering clothing, neither demure nor extravagant, for those who want and need a little more, something a little (or a lot) different, something stylishly beautiful and beautifully stylish.ūüíó

Established in London, Hell Bunny has been at the forefront of creating edgy gothic, rock and punk style that has evolved to encompass a more sophisticated, established and well-loved brand covering eras from the 1920s, 30s, 40s and right through to the 1950s. The creative team at Hell Bunny is renowned for designing cute and quirky prints, merging fashion with a darker edge. All their prints are designed in-house and are constantly re-inventing their styles and prints, making Hell Bunny a covetable and collectable label. 

What's on sale?? - 

There's a huge range of different items in the Hell Bunny sale ranging from your edgy plaid style to ultra bright preppy dresses! So much diversity and we love to see that everyone can get a cute little something for a steal! A few examples of what we have on sale is the Clash range, this includes a Mini dress, a Pinafore dress, Mini skirt and even the pants! Match with your friends, partner or even your mum if you really want to! Not a plaid/tartan person? Don't worry! Have a peak at the Birdcage 50's dress and the Willow Sparrow tie top for a cute preppy look! These products aren't even half of what's on sale so get in quick and grab a cute fit for a really awesome price!¬†ūüėäūüíó

Need some outfit ideas? Don't worry we're here to help!¬†ūüėäūüíó

 Edgy Looks - 

Grab the Storm Pinafore for only $49! Pair this with a plain black t-shirt, fishnet undershirt, some thigh high socks and chunky boots and you're ready to kick butt! 

Hell Bunny Pinafore


Snag the Clash pants for only $42, pair with a simple crop or band t-shirt, add some chains, a belt and some converse and you're ready to take on the world punk rocker style!

 clash pants

Not really feeling the edge? That's all good! How about some preppy dresses and blouses?
Preppy/Feminine Vintage Look - 
Grab the Harmony top for only $28, pair it with some high waisted jeans or shorts and chuck on those wedges for a cute 50's summer inspired look!  

harmony top

Wanting a fancier outfit? No problem! Grab the Infinity 50's skirt for only $49 and the Petunia top for $27 and pair with some stocking and heels for a fancy outfit fit for royalty! 
infinity 50s skirt

Thank you all for your support and we all hope you enjoy our new sale items!! Get in quick before they're all gone! 

Much love, 
- Beserk xx  

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