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Top 6 Valentine's day/holiday gift ideas by Beserk!

Happy Valentines month Beserkers! Whether you celebrate Valentine's day like a crazy person or just the thought of it makes you gag, everyone loves gifts! 🖤 Whether its gifting giving, receiving and also buying!! But the real question is what do you gift for said family, friends or even partners and significant others?! Here at Beserk we have something for everyone, regardless of age! Follow along for our top 7 Valentines day gift ideas for this month, all available from us! Also if you don't celebrate Valentine's Day, that's fine too! Use this list for any holiday or even birthdays! 🖤

Gift Idea 6 - A fan favourite, Candles! 💗

Now call me old but honestly who doesn't love a good candle?? Whether it's more for decoration or it smells delicious candles are always a simple and amazing gift to give! Wick'ety Wack have a few different types of candles from medium to Extra Large and scents from Floral to Fruit Loops and Fairy Floss! 💗


fairy floss candle

kisa candle

Don't want a basic candle? Okay fine! Ever seen a candle have a skeleton!? Well Pyropets' candles are a home staple and conversation starter as when these candles are burned and the wax melts, they reveal a metal skeleton of the animal shaped candle! How cool is that?! These babies are also scented so your home will not only look awesome but smell divine too! 💗

Gift Idea 5 - The softest plushies ever, Jellycat babies! 💗

Dragons, Dinosaurs and Bunnies? Oh My! These super soft, all age friendly plushies will be sure to give anyone a smile and some serotonin regardless of how bad their day has been! From a range of different colours, textures, animals and even foods, there's probably a Jellycat plush for all available at Beserk! To name a few of our faves - Truffles the Highland cow, Bashful Stardust bunny and Bashful Dino are just all too cute as well as the rest of the Jellycat gang! 💗


 Bashful bunny

bashful dino

Gift Idea 4 - Pop culture gifts that they love! 💗

The person you buying for obsessed with pop culture or maybe they're just a closeted nerd? Regardless we have something  for any nerd whether they love Pokémon, Anime, Horror, Kawaii stuff or even cats! There's something for everyone at Beserk! 

Who doesn't want Pokémon to be real!? I know we'd love if it was! So why not grab this stunning Great Ball prop collectable for your person? If they love Pokémon they will freak out over this! Especially when it electronically opens and glows, that's right! This limited edition, officially licensed product not only opens and lifts the Great Pokeball but also shines an immersive light on it creating an engaging effect any Pokémon fan would love to add this piece to their collection! 💗

Great ball display

Not into Pokémon specifically? All good! How about some other areas of Pop culture! If your partner or friend likes anime then this Anime bucket list poster will be perfect for them, so they can keep track of which animes to watch and which ones they have already seen! 💗

Pokemon poster

Not really into Anime? That's cool! How about some Horror?! We have so many different items for all horror addicts ranging from Pennywise doormats, Chucky and Tiffany dolls, to even Freddy Kruger and Jason Voorhees mugs for a late night cuppa watching a horror! 💗

Chucky doll

Not the biggest fan of Horror? That's okay, me too! 💗 Maybe Cats and Kawaii is more your speed! We have everything kawaii and cats at Beserk because who doesn't love cute things and cats!? Like look at this cute phone grip from Tokyo Shojo!! So cute and perfect for practicality and that's not the only cute thing we have! 💗 We have so much more, like this Killstar Kitty bowl! Just look at his little leggies! Anyone would be happy to receive that lil guy as a present, I know I'd be! There's something for everyone, no matter what fandom you're from and pressies perfect for anyone! 

Cat paw phone grip

Kitty Bowl

Gift Idea 3 -Games and Puzzles for friends and family! 💗

What's better than spending quality time with your loved ones solving a puzzle together or getting way too competitive in a game of Monopoly! Whether you prefer games or puzzles we have everything and more available online from the typical and classic puzzles and board games to quirky and innovative spins on the classics! Grab some adorable out of the ordinary card games like Fat Cats and Go Blob Fish🌊

fat cats game

Go Blobfish

Or maybe you prefer some classic board games like Cluedo and Monopoly! Well no problem, there's so many types to choose from like Nightmare before Christmas, Dungeon & Dragonsand many more themed versions of these classics!  🎲

NBC Monopoly

 D&D Cluedo

 Maybe puzzles are more your speed? We have awesome 3D puzzles that light up and can be little homes for blind box figurines or just the classic puzzles of your favourite, shows, movies and even artists that are just as cute! 

Cat House DIY home

Alive in wonderland stained glass 500 piece

Gift Idea 2 -Self care pack for your loved ones! 💕

Who in this world DOESN'T love self care! It's perfect and just so rejuvenating after the few rough years we've all been through! So grabbing your partner or friend a little self care package to remind them to take care of themselves is such a cute idea so they know you want them to be relaxed and take care of themselves! 💕 Grab a bath bomb or two, maybe even a body lotion, nail polish, some lollies and a face mask so they can wash their worries away! The lotion, face mask and bath bomb will make them feel like a million bucks and the nail polish will just give a little sparkle of needed joy! 

Unicorn farts blogsmooth it over


Thumper facial sheet mask

Kawaii kiss


Gift Idea 1 -The classic Beserk Gift Voucher and snazzy card! 💕

For the number one idea and one of the best in our personal opinion! A cute card and a Beserk gift voucher! Let your Valentine pick the gifts of their dreams with our gift vouchers ranging from any amount your heart desires! 💗 Pairing the voucher with a cute and quirky card also adds some extra sentiment too! Like the Gay for you card from Little Globaland the I choo choose you card from The Simpsons! 

Gay for you card

i choo choo choose you card

Well, we hope our holiday gift list made this years gift giving a little easier! If you're still having trouble feel free to browse our gift ideas section on the website for more ideas! 💕 Good luck this Valentine's day and holiday season! Feel free to share what you got this year too! 💕


- Beserk xx

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