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Style Spotlight - Health Goth

Happy Friday Beserkers! We hope the week has been kind to you all! As we all know, Fashion is constantly evolving and Alternative Fashion is no exception!

Here at Beserk we love to see the emergence of new styles and subcultures. It can be overwhelming to keep up with current trends, but don't fret! We're here to shine a Style Spotlight on some subcultures and styles that might just be your new obsession!¬†ūüĖ§

The first Alternative fashion subculture we will be tackling is Health Goth, so let's get started! 

Gothic Fashion¬†should be¬†about form as well as function, unfortunately this isn't always the case lol! Well there's a new goth/alternative style in town that thrives on function AND fashion!! It's Health Goth but what is it and what does the style entail exactly? To put it simply, Health Goth¬†is an aesthetic revolving around biotechnology, monochrome sportswear and rendered environments. Health goth has similar roots in "street goth" but focuses on trans-humanism, Net art, technical sportswear, combat gear and an understanding of physical and mental health, which is such an awesome focus!¬†ūüĖ§

The creators of Health Goth have said that the following keywords they use when sourcing imagery for Health Goth fashion ideas are: "mesh, moisture-wicking fabrics, BioWare, body enhancement tech, prosthetics, various fashion, performance wear brands, transparent clothing, chains, tactical gear, elemental aesthetics." ūüĖ§

Personally, we believe that everyone should wear what they feel good in! Especially considering that Activewear and Health Goth both require wearing comfortable clothes, and if needed, layering is your eternal companion! Find and stick to brands and clothes that make you feel like you’re doing an excellent job of being yourself while also making you feel good and comfortable too! Explore black and mesh, black and white, and maybe even a colour you really like to wear and black! 

How to get into Health Goth? 

Getting into a new type of fashion can be hard for many different reasons, but luckily we are here to give you some suggestions on what would look awesome as a Health Goth and that everything we show available online from us! How handy!!¬†ūüĖ§

 Health Goth outfit suggestion 1 - 

Misfortune velvet cycle shorts

This pairing of Killstar's Misfortune velvet cycle shorts and the Mortalia Bralette is so fire!! Pair this look with Anthony Wang's Carambola-02 Sneakers and you'll be looking killer and feeling so comfy in your new Health Goth style! 

Health Goth outfit suggestion 2 - 

Chill daze yoga pants and jumper

If you're not too big on just wearing a sports bra and shorts we got you too!! This look is so cute and would make anyone feel comfortable! These Killstar Chill Daze yoga pants look so amazing with the Anesthesia velvet cropped hoodie! This just goes to show that you can be comfortable and fashionable at the same time!¬†ūüĖ§

Health Goth outfit suggestion 3 - 

Style 3

We can't forget about our masc and oversized shirt lovers! Rock the Health Goth look with Killstar's Mega Meh Mesh top and pair it with the Breaking point longline shorts for a super comfy masc look! This just shows that you don't need to show off to look like a superstar!¬†ūüĖ§

Health Goth accessory suggestions - 

Everyone needs accessories especially in the Alt community! We just drown ourselves in accessories to ensure the outfit is perfect!

Down n out sports hoodie

Apparition gym bagDont care towel

Lazarus duffle bagBIY snapback hat

Some of our favourite Health Goth accessories are Killstar's Down n Out sports hoodie, Apparition gym bag, Don't Care gym towel, Lazarus duffle bag and Blackcraft's Believe in yourself Snapback cap!

Thanks for tuning into our first edition of Style Spotlight! Let us know which style/subculture we should talk about next! Stay spooky! 

- Beserk xx


ON 2 Mar 16:20

I‚Äôve always loved the concept of health goth! I normally just wear cheap black leggings from Kmart and black crop tops, shirts and anything I can find with mesh on it! Plus some cool sneakers! ūüĖ§

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