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New Hot Chocolate designs?? YES PLEASE!!

Hot Chocolate Design

Happy Tuesday Beserkers! This amazing news will be sure to start your week off the right way! We have just released some new Hot Chocolate designs online!! If you don't know about the amazing world that is Hot Chocolates, then you're missing out, but that's okay here's a little information about the brand! 💗

Hot Chocolate is an innovative label created in Venezuela & inspired by a need for unique & non-mass-produced products! Hot Chocolate prides itself on creating pieces that reflect individuality, limitless creativity & a true passion for sophisticated art and design & offering limited edition collections inspired by vintage and nostalgia of childhood! Hot Chocolate Design is a design brand which occasionally blends with art.

Hot Chocolate Design can be difficult to define with precision, as the concept, design and fabrication of each item they produce is intended to reflect the individuality and uniqueness of each product. Relying on their customers' need for originality, they offer limited collections and their retired products have even become collector’s items.

Now that you're up to date on what exactly Hot Chocolate designs is let's show off the new designs available online now! 💗

New Mary Jane and Mid heel designs

Let's start off with Hot Chocolate's iconic Mary Janes in the new designs!! 

All of these super cute flats include signature Mary-jane style canvas lined velvet upper, a slightly wedge-shaped synthetic rubber sole for back support and a cushioned innersole, Chocolaticas are renowned for their comfort. Easy clean, easy wearing, quirky and fab!

Who says romance is dead?? This stunning set might have you asking the question, but when the shoes are this incredible, who really cares!? 

Love will tear us apart
 Is it possible to “hear” a shoe???? Back in the day, even TV wasn’t on 24 hours a day!! Usually following the late news broadcast, most TVs around the world would switch to fuzzy static and white noise, and occasionally in later years you’d also see this colour code and words “no signal.” Hopefully these shoes will help remind you to “turn off” sometimes yourself! 🙂

No signal
The word “toile” comes from the French word for linen cloth. The word is shortened from the full name toile de Jouy, which means linen or cloth from the town of Jouy-en-Josas, in the suburbs of Paris. Toile de Jouy was a specific type of linen printed with romantic, pastoral patterns in a single color—usually black, blue, or red—on an unbleached fabric.

Toiles De Jouy 2
 These fun t-bar fancies will have your feet feeling soooo sweet! Green gingham makes the cute daisy with her furry center really POP! Mega cutesy Cottagecore vibes too! 🌼

"Oh Romeo, Oh Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?" Two Star crossed lovers long for each other’s arms from afar on this gorgeous pair! Add on the optional poison bottle and dagger tags to make this tragedy come to life! 💜

Romeo and Juliet
Take your love for mis-matched shoes to brogue level! The mix-matchy possibilities with this pair are nearly ENDLESS! It's love at first sight with these rockabilly babies!
Havana Hearts

Hot Chocolate designs are totally known for their adorable Mary jane flats but were you also aware that they make Mid heels that are so amazingly comfortable??  

All these mid heels feature 2.5 inches of comfy uniqueness! The Chocolaticas Mid Heels are a confidence pumper for those seeking to impress and enhance their outfit with vintage-inspired designs and vibrant colours. Their cushioned inner sole with arch support makes them the perfect pair of heels for any occasion. These Mid Heels are the perfect way to tie an outfit together! 💗

These perfect pink and blue sweeties feature the adorable Lolita Twins on the toes, along with true dolly style in the form of removable bows and old school wind-up toy key detail on the 2 inch heel. We just love a reboot (this style is an OG from the first ever collection of Double Topping heels!), and this is one we’ve been longing for! 💗

Twin Lolita 2
Aye Matey! Don’t walk that plank, STOMP IT! These fabulous treasures will have everyone staring… at your booty! #piratejokes

Pirate heels
These siren red shiny faux leather heels are about to become your new bestie! Pick up the phone and Call Me, call her, call them, call EVERYONE – and tell them the cutest shoes EVER are HERE!!!!! (PS the super thoughtful and brilliant HCD design team left you some space -and a whiteboard texter! – to customise these beauties on the sticky note… what will you write there? My first idea was a big SWAK lip print in red! #callmecustom


Call me mid heels

Hot Chocolate designs also aren't just killing it in the shoe game! They're slaying in the Swimwear category too! 

All these swimwear pieces include a super comfy acrylic/spandex blend, padded underwire cups (to ensure the girls are supported and kept in place!), adjustable shoulder straps, full coverage and a back clasp closure to avoid any swimwear fashion mishaps! The Chocolaticas' swimwear range are a total confidence pumper for those ready to show off their unique and cute style without sacrificing function and comfortability, not to mention how cute they all are! 💗

 Are you eyeballing me?? Embodying all things quirky, kooky and spooky, Cyclop swimwear is a must-have!!

cyclop swimwear
This stunningly beautiful swimsuit is giving you all the spiritual support you need!! Grab the Esoteric swim piece now!

esoteric swimwear
Your new batty bestie only has eyes (and ears) for YOU! How cute is this Dark Tattoo one piece!?


Dark tattoo swim

Unfortunately that concludes all the amazing things Hot Chocolate Designs has to offer, so far... So check out the new release now and grab some cute, comfy and quirky clothing pieces now! 💗
- Beserk xx

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