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Starrily is a designer nail polish brand that started out in New York City. 

Their goal is to bring fun and lively nail lacquers into the nail industry.


They have a strict cruelty-free policy and are dedicated to providing the absolute best products and service for you. Their products and their ingredients are never tested on animals.


With so many style ranges to choose from, including Glitter, Holographic, Magnetic, Multichrome, and Shimmer collections.

Starrily nail lacquers are 5-free, which means they do not contain the dangerous chemicals Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Toluene, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor.

You will find Starrily nail polishes to be intensely pigmented, easy to use formulas, gorgeously iridescent, multi-chromed, micro-flakey, and become fully opaque within just a couple of coats.

Their Magnetic range is just so cool! Apply the product and then apply the magnetic tool to your nails before it dries. The magnet will interact with the metallic flakes in the lacquer and become attracted to it! You can create all sorts of awesome swirly shimmery glittery goodness with unique patterns and designs that are truly your own.

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Neutrino | NAIL POLISH

Neutrino is a striking jet black base polish with scatters of high quality, ultra bright silver holographic glitter throughout. You'll have the entire universe on your nails in just 2-3 coats, but be sure to feed your nails with top coat after because this polish gets "thirsty" for more!  Let Neutrino transport you to an interstellar world and you'll never turn back! 


Magic Rainbow | NAIL POLISH

Magic Rainbow is an intensely holographic nail polish packed with the best quality holographic pigment. It becomes fully opaque in 2-3 coats. Looking to add the rainbow to your nails but you want to keep your favourite polish visible underneath? Try out the nail polish Eclipse. 



Magma will easily become your new favourite nail polish. Create effortless nail art effects by adding a layer of Magma. Use the included magnet to make it 3D or use without the magnet to add a strong copper shimmer. Try it with Eclipse to create a unique holographic magnetic effect or layer over different colours. Our pictures show Magma layered over a black base and a purple base. What will you create?



Eclipse is a beautiful holographic top coat nail polish meant to be used over different colours. Instantly jazz up your manicure with just the right amount of dazzling holographic sparkle. Please note this nail polish is not meant to be opaque. For an opaque look please use Magic Rainbow. 



Saros is an incredible nail polish that changes colours based on temperature. In cold, it becomes dark blue/purple and when it's warm, Saros becomes a light pink/purple colour. Saros also contains a beautiful colour shifting copper shimmer.



Sea Glass has various sized bright blue metallic foil glitter in a clear base. It is best used as a glitter top coat. Manual glitter placement will be required to achieve your desired look. 


Dopamine | NAIL POLISH

Dopamine is a dark berry red intensely holographic nail polish packed with the best quality holographic pigment. It becomes fully opaque in 1-2 coats. Dopamine has a thicker jelly-like formula. 


Vantablack | NAIL POLISH

Vantablack is a striking jet black nail polish that becomes opaque in just one coat. 


Deep Space | NAIL POLISH

Deep Space is a gorgeous black nail polish filled with stunning multicoloured blue, pink, purple, green shifting flakes and micro holographic flecks. The black base is sheer enough to let all the colours show through yet pigmented enough to become completely opaque. 



Cat Mom is a beautiful light pink linear holographic mixed with Super Sparkle™ holographic glitters.



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