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Pechkeks brings us the dark humour and irony we all need. Get smacked in the face with some serious reality checks with Pechkeks! 

The new Misfortune Lucky Cat is the purrrrfect gift for any superstitious person!

Pechkek brings us ancient traditional Japanese Maneki Neko in the reverse, giving us the Misfortune Kitty to bring you back down to earth. 

Misfortune Lucky Cat - $49.95

They also have this amazingly designed Misfortune Panic Candle! This candle comes with a wick, fortunately, and burns for roughly 18 hours! Get one today for a superstitious family member! 

Misfortune Panic Candle - $26.95

With Pechkeks humour and realism comes the Misfortune Cookie. You can't miss out on these, but be very careful about who you give them to as they give you a glimpse into the future with brutal honesty!

Single MIsfortune Cookie - $2.95

Don't just get one if you want to share the truth around! With a box of... 13... Of course it's 13! With such an unlucky number comes crude and direct messages for the whole family! Except the kids! 

Designbox - Misfortune Cookies - $24.95 

Don't miss out on Pechkeks quirky, honest gifts! Whether you are superstitious, want to have a laugh or want to pull a leg, these are perfect! Get a laugh or a frown from everyone in the room! Who knows! 

Beserk xx