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Killstar Accessories!

Killstar brings us an amazing range of accessories including handbags, purses, jewellery, belts, socks, pins and patches! With our alternative friends in mind, Killstar has some of the most unique products with a little bit of gothic flare...

Find some of Killstars accessories below and start adding to your outfits like never before.

Check them out below!

Grave Digger [GREEN] Skull Handbag

grave digger handbag green killstar
Obsessing about skulls since forever? The 'Grave Digger' handbag in green, is your creepy must-have - large human skull handbag - with intricate detailing, zip opening, long shoulder strap and detachable tassel detail. All Hail the Halloween Queen!

SIZE:  Height 23cm, Width 20cm, Depth 14cm - Strap 110cm

MATERIAL: 100% Polyester

Sweet Death Backpack


Give em' something to talk about with the 'Sweet Death' backpack; a super-sized rectangle packet with plenty of room for your essentials. Statement print on all sides, zip closures, inside pockets and adjustable straps. Comes with handy chain strap so can be worn as a backpack or messenger bag - whatever your mood. Perfect mix of angst and playfulness - easy to style and a sure head-turner. 

SIZE: Height 29cm, Width 21cm


California Screamin' Handbag

California screamin' handbag

Add some serious bad-ass vibes to your fave dark looks with the 'California Screamin'' handbag - made using a superior grade faux-leather, stand-out pentagram + spike hardware, long chain strap, and contrast lining. A perfect size so you can fit your must-have's, but small enough to be effortless! The perfect bag to complete any dark souls collection - goes with everything!

SIZE: Height 21cm, Width 14cm, Strap 71cm 


At Night Plum Velvet Handbag

AT NIGHTFALL [PLUM] | VELVET HANDBAG buy online shop australia beserk killstar
Be ready to add some deadly attitude to your favourite looks with the 'At Nightfall' velvet handbag in plum - a dark combination of luxe faux-leather and custom-made burnout velvet complete with sleek design, the perfect bag for any vamp! Small enough to be effortless whilst still fitting all your essentials - purrfect for a day out of the castle!

SIZE: Height 31cm, Width 20cm, Strap 86cm


Not Cute Wallet

not cute wallet
The 'Not Cute' wallet is made with some extra-cute [and evil] lovin'; complete with a faux leather body with vivid graphic prints. Large size, so it can fit all your must-haves for when you leave the crypt - with inside zip compartment for coins and amulets. Perfect for your day-to-day, school life etc.

SIZE: Height 12cm, Width 20cm


Dantes Long Socks


Blackout long socks with contrasting design. Sweet, yet far from innocent. Total must-have - socks complete your looks easy + effortlessly. 

MATERIALS: 68% Cotton, 29% Polyester, 3% Elastane

Zelda Ankle Socks

zelda ankle socks
Want to make your dope footwear stand out even more? Or simply add a dash of romance to each and every step? The 'Zelda' ankle socks are sure to please, silky smooth opaque body with just the right amount of stretch and complimentary ruffle trim, satin bow and pentagram charm.

MATERIALS: 90% Nylon, 10% Elastane.

Blood Machine Belt

blood machine belt buy online

Get ready to cause some trouble; faux-leather belt featuring pentagram hardware and statement conical spikes. Looks seriously killer on bodycon dresses or fishnet!


Moon Rawk Belt

Add some instant drama to your daily rituals with the 'Moon Rawk' belt; faux leather in a double-layer body with contrasting silver hardware; studded, double D-rings, crescent-moon charms and connecting chainz. Low waist fit - looks dreamy over skirts, shorts and jeans!

Mix and match as your black soul wishes!

SIZE: One Size: 96.5cm [Full Length]


Solar Storms Layer Necklace

solar storms layer necklace

Invoke your inner moon goddess or simply accessorise like a queen - the 'Solar Storms' statement layering necklace will instantly inject a magical spark to your daily rituals. Different gauge-chain layers with a range of stars, droplets and a large crescent-moon feature, all adorned with clear crystals. Ready to sparkle like the cosmos!

Match with anything - the adventure awaits you!

MATERIAL: 100% Metal

Potion Vial Necklace

potion vial necklace

Years in the making; we're thrilled to finally present to you our new vial necklace; 'Potion'. An elegant and enchanting design of a crystal-shape glass bottle with a screw lid and silver hardware. Can safely store liquid, powders, spirit essence - whatever your magical heart desires. Adorned with two crescent moons and a long silver chain - all in stainless steel. A true statement piece that looks truly magical - makes the perfect gift!

Match as your mood/moon desires!

    MATERIALS: 100% Stainless Steel and Glass.

    Space Kitty Velvet Sunglasses

    space kitty sunglasses

    Come here kitty kitty stardust! 'Space Kitty' is channeling some babe vibes whilst keeping it dark - seriously oversized and with clean slick lines. All-black style with custom frames + gradient lenses. 100% UV protection.

    Comes in a black soft case with KILLSTAR logo.

    Wipe Clean.

    MATERIAL: 100% Plastic

    Sweet Crypt Earrings

    sweet crypt earrings

    Are you ready to be sinful? You can do so with the 'Sweet Crypt' earrings - with extra large crucifix statement on a silver body, intricate detail and complete with black crystal accents. These are made for making a statement whilst matching your dark soul perfectly - be ready to make heads roll!

    SIZE: Length 9cm / 3.5"

    WEIGHT: 30 grams. 

    MATERIAL: 100% Alloy Metal

    Noir Silver Earrings

    noir silver earrings
    Make a statement with our 'Noir' punk earrings featuring a shiny-silver finished body with statement ear cuff, chain accent, and a skull safety pin. With a matching skull stud for the opposite ear. Hell yeah!

    MATERIAL: 100% Plated Copper

    La Luna Round Towel

    la luna round towel

    Spooky & sumptuously soft beach towel, featuring a bold contrast graphic - the short, lightweight pile ensures it folds down to a compact size for ease of packing and dries rapidly.

    Wash Cold - Gentle Cycle. 

    MATERIAL: 100% Soft Polyester

    Smelly Cat Air Freshener

    smelly cat air freshener

    The Smelly Cat Air Freshener by Killstar is cherry scented, and destined to make your ride smell like a fruity paradise.

    MEASUREMENTS: Height 10cm, Width 7cm

    MATERIAL: 100% paper.

    Psychic Enamel Pin

    psychic enamel pin

    Statement crystal ball lapel pin, in white and contrasting black enamel. The ideal way to add some creepy vibes to your fave looks!

    SIZE: Height 5cm, Width 3.5cm

    MATERIAL: 100% Metal

    Too Dead Enamel Pin

    too dead enamel pin

    Statement lapel pin, in white and contrasting black enamel. The ideal way to add some creepy vibes to your fave looks!

    SIZE: Height 4cm, Depth 3cm

    MATERIAL: 100% Metal.

    Purr Home Patch

    purr home patch
    The Head Of This House Is The One With The Fluffy Tail. DIY your life with this rad fully embroidered Purr Home patch!

    SIZE: Height 10cm, Width 8cm

    Materials: 100% Polyester

    Pumpkween Patch

    pumpkween patch

    You either love spooky season or you are wrong. DIY your life with this rad fully embroidered 'Pumpkween' patch!

    SIZE: Height 8cm, Width 9cm

    MATERIAL: 100% Polyester

    Mixing fashion forward ideas, statement graphics and an ocean of black garments, Killstar celebrates the strange and unusual with open arms. Killstar urges you to reclaim your freaky side and join the weirdos!

    The weirdos, of which we refer, are the unofficial members of the Killstar Cult (just to confirm - they are not literally a cult. That's just weird). The weirdos are us & us weirdos simply prefer to embrace the comfort and familiarity of the moonlight and the night.

    Find the full Killstar Collection HERE

    Beserk xx

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