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❤️ Introducing hot new brand Kamifox to the Beserk family! ❤️


With Kamifox now at Beserk, they bring us killer apparel that is unique and unapologetically alternative. Their designs feature a lot of Japanese inspired cultural depictions.

With some dope designs featuring Japanese masks of Traditional Warriors to the flawless oriental beauty of Geishas, we've got a heap of stunning prints with inspiration from Japanese folklore, modern pop culture, and anime!

Kamifox is an artist owned and operated streetwear brand based in Sydney, and they produce all their own concepts! Quality matters to Kamifox, and all their artwork is screen printed using high quality plastisol - no ink jet or vinyl transfers, which means no fading or peeling!

Check out our range of Kamifox below!


An awesome Japanese inspired cyborg graphic tee featuring an unfortunately offline girl. But there's no system error with the style of this baby. Maybe you could help get her back online!


Yokia City - Long Sleeve Tee 
The Yokai City design features traditional Japanese masks that represent Feminine Demons, Masculine Demons, and the great spirit, Okami!

A Tale of Horror - Long Sleeve Tee 

This awesome long sleeved tee features a trippy print on the back with Japanese writing down the sleeves. Keep everyone's gaze on you with this wonderful print long sleeve shirt!

Oni Girl - Tee 

An Oni possesses extreme strength and maximum constitution. Just like you! This short sleeved tee has a Japanese Oni Demon with the traditional Hannya mask.

System Offline - Tee (Turquoise Blue) 

An awesome Japanese inspired cyborg graphic tee featuring an unfortunately offline girl. But there's no system error with the style of this baby. Maybe you could help get her back online!

Yandere - Tee 

You will be absolutely romantically obsessed with this Yandere tee! Just try not to let your love for it get to the point of destructiveness, if you can help it. "Yandere No Waifu Gets Out Alive". Designed to look like a movie poster.

Nekosama - Tee 

A purrfect piece for the neko sama in all of us. This adorable tee with a fluffy cat and is the best addition to any cat lovers wardrobe. 

Inner Demon - Tee 

Inner demon or Oni demon? Maybe they are one and the same for you. An adorable short sleeved tee with a print of a girl holding a traditional Japanese Hannya mask. 




This beautiful and simple tee features a thoughtful, wistful Geisha with graphic text.

We at Beserk want you to look and feel the best, to feel the most "you" that you can feel, you'll never have to worry! We have a little bit of something for everyone, and here with Kamifox, we've brought you some unique and amazing designs to share your love of Japanese folklore and pop culture! Don't miss your chance to join the Beserk family today! ❤️

We stock even more designs! Check out our full collection of Kamifox here! ❤️

Beserk xx