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KAMIFOX (キツネ神, 品質ストリートウェア) - the brand that brings a twisted mix of Japanese pop culture is now at Beserk! KamiFox is the brand everyone is talking about, expertly infusing J-fashion with functionality and form. For lovers of dark kawaii and glitch iconography, KamiFox is an artist-owned and operated streetwear brand based in Sydney, Australia.

Being an artist-owned brand means they are fully invested and believe in their concepts and creations. They design and produce high-quality apparel, drawing inspiration from Japanese pop culture, anime, J-fashion, and their own concepts. They bring a world of culture to your wardrobe! Alternative, gothic, dark, punk styles of t-shirts and tops, screen printed with the highest quality presses.

KamiFox appears to be a portmanteau of two words, taking its name from the Japanese word Kami, a god, deity, divinity or spirit. It has been used to describe mind (心霊), God (ゴッド), the supreme being (至上者), an effigy, a moral or theological principle, and anything that is worshipped. Plus Fox, which appears in their logo and is a straight-up kick-ass animal! Foxes can survive just about anywhere in any conditions (deserts and Arctic), are expert hunters and predators, are solitary creatures, and use magic to hunt their prey! (Well, not magic precisely, but they have been discovered to use the Earth's own magnetic field to acquire a "ring of shadow" on its eyes that darkens as it heads toward magnetic north). 

Quality matters to the KamiFox team. They know that alternative apparel is not readily available in mainstream stores. They know that peeling and fading of garments sucks! Their artwork is screen-printed using high-quality plastisol - no inkjet or vinyl transfers. KamiFox ensure comfort and, most of all, durability! (They only source quality garments from AS Colour). All tops are 100% cotton (no polyester) and pre-shrunk so there are no nasty shrinking surprises after you wash them. 

You will find yourself naturally drawn to the apparel from KamiFox!