Get ready for the day of the dead and win win win!

Get ready for the day of the dead and win win win! Posted on 12 Oct 10:16 , 8 comments

Light the candles witches! The spookiest time of the year is finally here! Maybe you’ll go out trick or treating or throw your own witches 3 day ball! Ha ha, 3 day celebration? No way! This is an all month celebration and the time is now! Light your candles, set the table and set out your offering for the dead. Did you know in past times people would set a seat at a table for their relatives who may be stopping by on Halloween?
For this very reason Beserk have their very own fortune cookies. You can have your offerings ready to give out to impromptu visitors and possibly appease their spirit, so to speak! The Beserk Cookies have lots of different quotes inside, all spooky and perfect just for you and your friends. A perfect hostess gift if you are going to a Halloween party or set the scene at your own home and forecast your trick or treaters or yourself with these fun cookies 
A lifetime of happiness and black clothing lies ahead of you
Have a spooky Halloween! xx Beserk
Happiness begins with a good black lipstick,Eat, Drink & be scary! Happy Halloween xx Beserk 
just to name a few. Each crisp cookie has a fun fortune inside. 
Vanilla flavoured Beserk fortune cookies are all individually wrapped perfect for trick or treaters or Halloween guests. And the best part is each Halloween cookie has a chance to win a share of $500 worth of Beserk giveaways!
So start brewing your favorite spooky drinks, set out your plate of Beserk Fortune Cookies and set the vibe with a witchy playlist. 
Happy Halloween 
Beserk xx