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The Orangutan Project

Hey there Beserkers, as we all know our world has so many amazing creatures of all shapes and sizes. At Beserk we believe in helping those who can't help themselves, especially the vulnerable and innocent animals that have their homes destroyed everyday and that are used as entertainment. This treatment is still ongoing and we are doing our part in helping to protect the incredible species of great ape known as the Orangutan! Orangutans are are closely related to us humans, having in common 97% of DNA, isn't that incredible?

However, our Orangutan brother and sisters' rainforest habitats are vanishing at an alarming rate due to deforestation and clearing of their land for pulp paper and palm oil plantations, with the remaining forest degraded by natural disasters like drought and forest fires! Unfortunately, the habitats of these amazing patient and intelligent creatures aren't the only things disappearing at a rapid pace, it's also Orangutans themselves...

According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species, the Sumatran species (Pongo abelii) are Critically Endangered and the Bornean species (Pongo pygmaeus) of orangutans are Endangered. This is all due to habitat loss, illegal logging, fires, poaching and hunting! If we don't act now to save these magnificent mammals they will be no more and this is totally unacceptable! 

To help support these incredible gentle giants, Beserk has signed up to help protect 400m x 400m of land which will contribute to Bukit Tigapuluh's  ecosystem which contains 494,000 acres of one of the very last protected and intact forests of Sumatra ( more information here > )! In addition to this we have also adopted Popi, more information here > ( )


How can you help?

Well first of all, try and be more environmentally conscious, try to limit single use plastics, use palm oil-free products and just be conscious of your eco footprint! If you are able to, visit and see how you can help Popi, all the other Orangutans and their homes with The Orangutan Project! Volunteering, Adopting, Donating and even just spreading the word of this incredible organisation can help out our forest friends! Follow their progress at - and be kind to animals of all walks of life! 


Team Beserk xx


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