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Beserk's 7 Hottest Fashion Accessories This Winter!

Hey Beserkers! Happy Autumn! The weather is cooling down (just the way we like it!) and it's getting cold enough to finally start layering and bundling up! However, sometimes it's still hard to stay Goth/Alternative in Winter so here are Beserk's favourite and hottest fashion accessories for this coming Winter season! 

7. Shocking Shoes! ⚡️ 

The easiest and most exciting part of an outfit is always the shoes! Cute cozy Kois or maybe some big stompy Demonias! Shoes are so easy to upgrade an outfit to the next level and the shoes you pick can change it up so well! Have a look at some of our favourites for this season! 

Channel your inner bimbo/snow bunny energy with Demonias' Camel-311s! These paired with a turtleneck, corduroy skirt and stockings would be a super cute look! These fuzzy cuties are also available in black and camel for our natural and black goth cuties!  🖤 

We also have so many other shoe brands too! Ranging from Demonia, KoiHot Chocolate  and many more! 



6. Layered Necklaces and chokers! ⛓

Accessories are the best way to really Goth-up any plain jane outfit! Killstar's Summon The Night choker can just make any look fabulous just by adding some layered jewellery! This is a super easy way to create new awesome looks on the fly just by adding new accessories from brands like Killstar, Rogue and Wolf , Alchemy Gothic, Restyleand more! 


 5. Beautiful bags and crossbody's! 👜 

Accessorising with bags is not only cute but always super functional being able to have all your must-haves on hand! You can also add pins and patcheswhich is so cute and awesome to personalise your own stuff to your own style too! This Mallory handbag from Restyleis so cute and perfect to hold a scarf or a cardigan for the winter time! Check out the stunning range of bags from brands like RestyleKillstar, Lux-de-ville, Loungefly and more! 


4. Out of this world outerwear! 🪐

With the weather getting cooler of course we need to be grabbing those coats and jackets to pretty for some chills! We are loving Collectif'sLana Spooky babe biker jacket right now! Total punk vibes with the embroidered patches while still looking so sleek with vegan leather! There are so many amazing jackets and coats available from brands such as CollectifRestyleKillstar and so many more! 

3. Staying shady with sunglasses and hats! 😎

Just because the weather is cool doesn't mean the sun isn't out to play, especially in Australia! So we still gotta protect ourselves and our eyes, so why not do it in style? Killstar's Drucilla sunglasses feature a killer cat eye shape and sport dark lenses to protect your sight from that nasty sun! Stay cool and look even cooler with our stunning range of sunnies and hats from all different brands like Killstar, FoxbloodRestyle  and more! 

2. Suit up with tights and arm warmers! ❄️

With the weather and wind being unforgiving your layering game has to be at level 100! So why not add the best and most iconic accessories to our outfit to keep warm and also look amazing! Layering tights, long socks and then leg warmers will keep your legs super warm without sacrificing the look of a cute mini skirt! Having arm warmers under a jacket or hoodie also does the job too! The Pamela Mann Fishnet over the knee tights with some socks and arm warmers will keep you toasty! 


1. Be toasty with beanies and toasties! 🔥

Of course we couldn't forget the most essential winter accessory out there, Beanies! They're perfect for hiding your hair, keeping you warm and so much more! There are so many cute beanie designs available at Beserk, like Lively Ghost's Ghostie beanie! How cute! 


Why not have a bonus accessory too, just because we love y'all! Need a lil friend to have in your pocket, that also doubles as a hand warmer? Well say Hello to Smoko'stoasties!! These little guys are plush reusable heating and cooling packs! Popping this guy into a microwave and into your pocket before braving the cold weather would be a perfect solution for any cold hand sufferers! 

Thank you for following along our top 7 winter accessories for this season! We sure hope these ones help you out too! Be sure to comment your favourite winter accessories and outfits!

Stay warm and spooky! 

- Beserk xx 

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