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Rogue and Wolf create 3D printed jewellery for avant-garde fashion lovers and those that stand out from the crowd. Fuelled by an equal love of fashion, design, and technology they explore the possibilities of using new 3D printing technologies to rapidly materialise new ideas. Created and designed by their in house team of 7 designers who have dedicated their time to having completely unique products without outsourcing any of their creative methods. The technology of 3D printing allows concepts to become products in a matter of weeks so the design team can focus on new ideas and constant innovation.

Rogue and Wolf take the same care and love towards animals that we here at Beserk have. With a 100% guarantee of zero animal products and ensuring their company is completely cruelty-free. Helping to reduce suffering in the world for both our humans and our animal counterparts.

Rogue And Wolf has an amazing list of commandments that they follow to a T;

Love thy fellow human
Thou shalt not kill animals nor make them suffer
Thou shalt not outsource your creativity
Thou shalt not design frivolously
Thou shall prefer 3D printing because it is superior
Thou shalt not take people's silver unless they are truly happy
Honour thy customer as if they were your friend
Thou shall have transparent reviews and thou shall take them seriously
Thou shalt not profit from shipping
Thou shall make returns easy

Rogue And Wolf have provided us with some amazing products, from the clothing of all sorts including jackets, hoodies, dresses, shirts, leggings and more to jewellery including rings, earrings, chokers, bracelets and necklaces! They haven't stopped there with their phone cases, colouring books, journals, tumblers, mugs and so much more!

Don't miss your chance to get some amazing styles from Rogue and Wolf, with constellations, cats, stars, moons, spiders, deer, bats, moths, ghosts and so much more!

Check out Beserks amazing Rogue And Wolf collection today and add some amazing, high quality and unique items to your wardrobe today!