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Combining vintage, retro, goth, pin up, psychobilly, pastel, and super high quality goods with a dash of Punk rock, and what do you get? Lux De Ville, that's what!

Lux De Ville have added all these ingredients together to create beautiful handbags for the alternative soul, and that's what this brand is all about. Lux De Ville make fabulous handbags for fabulous and unique people! They design, create, manufacture and supply killer handbags to non-fabulous people too (but sshh, we won't mention them).

Lux De Ville was born in April 2003 with a mission to create beautiful handbags and accessories for all those who adore fashion. It came from the thought of seeing a perfectly gorgeous outfit being completely ruined by an awful handbag! Lux De Ville combine their love of vintage and add a strong retro touch, a dash of punk rock and a whole lot of quality to help you stand out in the crowd and get the attention and adoration you deserve.

You might wonder, "what is the difference between retro and vintage?" Here's the thing:  it varies by degrees. They are both descriptive labels for clothing and accessories - it is generally considered to be "vintage" if it was manufactured and popularised between 1920 and 1980. With "retro" it depends on the type of material and what the item's purpose is. But that is not for discussion here. We are talking about Lux De Ville handbags! There is something for every handbag lover out there. Making fabulous handbags is their business — and business is good. Ever seen a perfectly fabulous outfit murdered by an awful handbag? So have we...

From sparkle vinyl totes with huge dice baubles to velvet and leopard kiss locks with giant roses... there is something for every handbag lover out there.