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Meet Rae, an Australian false lash wearer, expert and also the founder of Wicked Lashes!
Rae was obsessed with the way magnetic lashes transformed her face and gave her makeup look a little extra sizzle! Fun fact -  She was actually a little late to the magnetic lash game as they weren't very popular in Australia and were a relatively new product. Once Rae decided to try them, she was mad at me for waiting so long to make the switch from regular false lashes to magnetic falsies. She couldn't believe how much comfier and lightweight they were and they lasted WAY longer than her glue lashes. 
Rae decided to start Wicked Lashes as she couldn't find a brand with the quality she wanted within Australia, and the shipping took forever as well as the shipping prices being unreasonable. Rae also enjoys supporting ethical brands and could not find one she felt comfortable parting her money with. 
Rae saw this as an opportunity to build a career for herself in an industry she is seriously passionate about! Makeup has always been an escape for Rae and a fun and creative way to be herself. She also wanted to give people like herself a brand that you could trust that would always be cruelty-free and vegan (forever)!
Instead of having cruelty free options like a lot of other brands, Rae wanted to promise that 100% of the products remain cruelty free and vegan and a portion of proceeds are  donated monthly to a new small charity every month, which has been chosen by a customer!