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Shop Berserks spectacular collection of Victorian clothing today!

You could describe Victorian gothic clothing as dramatic and romantic. It's a subculture of gothic fashion that is much more elegant and a takeaway from the victorian ages (200+ years ago!) Shop at Beserk for the best range of gothic clothing for men and women.

What is Victorian-style clothing?

Victorian-style clothing is reminiscent of the Era in which Queen Victoria of England ruled from 1837-1901. This gothic clothing style is marked by dark and mysterious clothing, black makeup, gowns, corsets, and hats.

Gothic Victorian Style Clothing is perfect for men and women who love to embrace looks that are witchy or remind them of vampires. Gothic Victorian is also called neo-Victorian and flirts with the dark side of romance, mysteries, and fantasies. Victorian gothic style clothing embraces red, black, and grey.

there are many different accessories that create the Victorian look. Such as corsets, leggings, skirts, huge chunky jewellery and much more!