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Unicorn Oil is manufactured by Unicorn Lab, originally delivering the highest quality Swarovski Crystals. Unicorn Oil is Australia's first Shimmer Cuticle Oils. Each oil is enriched with Argan and Jojoba oils and each is uniquely scented to bring you deliciously scented hands. Unicorn Lab has done amazing work in the past, donating $1 from every bottle in 2017 to Beyond Blue. Tita Turner, the owner of Unicorn Lab has a strong passion for nail art and her innovation pushed her creativity to new and exciting levels, which sparked a great love for sharing these products with the rest of the world. 

Now at Beserk, Unicorn Oil brings you some amazing and stunning scents including the Candy, Bubblegum, Black Raspberry, Berry, Pina Colada, Infused Rose, Coconut Cream, Skittles, Strawberry Cocktail, Watermelon and Vanilla. With all of these magical scents comes the responsibility to choose the right scent just for you! We just love Unicorn Oil and can't wait for you to enjoy the experience too, and while it's intended as a nail/cuticle oil, the oils are made from coconuts and cosmetic grade pigments which are safe for use on the hands & face!

Each oil is scented and swimming in a sea of gorgeous shimmer that disperses once rubbed into the skin, leaving behind the softest luminous shimmer. Get your hands on some of this today!