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The Oblong Box Shop, founded by Denialle Von Fitch, starting out as a graphic designer she always had a penchant for designing and drawing, having done it since she was a young child, her dream was to one day own her own clothing line. Presenting The Oblong Box Shop! With her unique styles mixed between tiki, vintage and Halloween, come amazing and innovative styles and designs for our Gothic, Vintage spooky lovers. Nothing is out of bounds. With her degree in graphic design, she has worked in a variety of design jobs from working in the entertainment industry to making Halloween costumes, which is where she got her inspiration to create her own fabrics and launch her own line of circle skirts that became her signature style. With new designs coming out regularly, Denialle is a busy woman giving you all of the designs you love and desire.

We have a small collection of products from The Oblong Box Shop. With more to come through in stock, you'll have a blast searching through her amazing range. With our current line up including the "Halloween Treat Skirt" and "Mitzi Halloween Sweater". Perfectly matched together, this outfit will bring an aura of vintage Halloween to your style today. Don't miss out on your chance to acquire some seriously unique designs with her amazing colour palette.

Check out Beserks ever growing range of clothing from The Oblong Box Shop and start your newest collection today! Don't miss out as stock goes fast here! With you guys on our minds, we've brought to you this amazing brand, so good luck, have fun and enjoy yourself!