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For the lovers of mortality and alternative décor, The Blackened Teeth are your go-to for thought-provoking statement pieces for your home, office or that special event. 

Formed in 2018 in South Wales, the owner's exploration into the world of death orientated décor began through their Grandmother's collection of unusual urns. The interesting collection inspired them to use replica bones, human skulls and more to shed an alternative, yet beautiful light on death. 

The Blackened Teeth have set out to show the world that through using colour and fine craftmanship, subjects that aren't quintessentially used to beautify a home are truly a thing of the past. 

Here you will find skull and spine lamps, anatomy spine, heart and baby doll head candles, jewellery holders, flowerheads, pots, ornaments and so much more for your oddity adoring heart. Shop our range of exquisite home décor by The Blackened Teeth now and grab some goodies for your abode!